Fabrique Délices Garlic Sausage (Saucisson à l’ail) - 12 oz
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Fabrique Délices Garlic Sausage (Saucisson à l’ail) is made with selected cuts of pork and both fresh and roasted garlic for a potent garlic bite. Authentic saucisson à l’ail is a key ingredient in French country cooking, especially in rustic dishes such as cassoulet.


This fully cooked & ready-to-eat sausage is also delicious when simply sliced and eaten with a chunk of crusty French bread.


About Fabrique Délices
Fabrique Délices, a traditional French charcuterie company in Hayward, California, has been preparing time-honored classics alongside innovative new products for over 25 years. With an extensive product line that includes a wide variety of sausages, duck confit and country pâtés, Fabrique Délices is still firmly based in traditional handmade charcuterie techniques.

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