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Ed Baker
And they let us know how much they appreciate the great products and service they get from us.
"I received my order this morning and was just delighted. The packing job was the best I have ever seen. I am a small fish on the food chain, but your 5 Star service made me feel like a VIP. Special thanks to David Eger for ensuring my order was perfect! I may even win points with my in-laws using the enclosed recipes. Thanks again."
Phil D. - Kentucky

"Great Morels... looked like they were just picked"

"Hi! Just wanted to thank you for the great Morels. They arrived in great shape (looked like they were just picked!)

I'm from Michigan originally, and really missed having Morels every Spring... so I bought 3 pounds and had a South Carolina Morel Party! No one there had ever even heard of Morels besides myself; they LOVED them. I think it's going to be a yearly tradition, ordering a bunch of Morels from and having a feast.

THIS year we had: Traditional morels (dipped in egg and crushed crackers), Morels in a butter garlic sauce, Morels stuff with a Crab and Goat cheese mix, Beef Tenderloin covered in Sweet Marsala and Morel sauce (with lots of whole Morels in it, of course).

Anyway, it went great - I've converted a whole bunch of people to the Way of the Morel :) I just need a way to figure out how to make a Morel desert for next year!"
Greg R.   South Carolina

What really won us over were the mushrooms...

"What really won us over were the mushrooms; fresh wild morels and chanterelles in season, fresh shiitake, porcini, woodear, black trumpet and lobster mushrooms; plus 15 dried varieties".

SmartMoney Magazine. February 2000

Just a note to let you know my order arrived in good condition. It has truly been a pleasure dealing with your company. I have already eaten some ramps and it brings back a lot of childhood memories growing up in West Virginia. I have forwarded your e-mail address to my 2 brothers and 3 sisters all living in different areas of the US. I had to share the wealth! Again, thank you. It's nice to know there are still companies out there who know the meaning of "customer service". - Maggie J.
Wild Morels Just wanted to let you know that my morel mushrooms arrived on Friday as promised and they were beautiful just sooooooo beautiful. I promise I will definitely be ordering every year from now on….
Melanie W. from Pennsylvania
Subject: What a great site !
"I just placed my first order with you for Fiddleheads and Morels. I never thought I'd find a source for these delicacies. You have saved me hours of begging with my local produce guy to obtain them. Thank you!"
William F.   Ohio
David, order received this morning. The morels met and exceeded my expectations, thank you......... by the way we have already ate a full pound!
Absolutely, in fact your morels are so yummy I am ordering some more today. Tim G. from Ohio.

Order Spring Morel Mushrooms! Earthy Delights is accepting orders for Fresh Wild-Harvest Morel Mushrooms. We don't promise the first of the season. Only the Best !

I have truly looked for fiddleheads for thirty years ......
Dear Ed:
I cannot tell you how delighted I am with your products and service. I have truly looked for fiddleheads for thirty years, since having them in Canada, and when I heard about your company, I could not wait to order them.
I also was thrilled to find that I could order fresh and dried morel mushrooms from you. I have just placed my third order in the last week and there will be many more in the future. Thank you for the great service you give your customers and I certainly will be telling everyone about your products.
I live in a small town in Ohio and we are unable to get many of the products you offer and those we can get often are not the best in quality or the freshest. You have given me the opportunity to enjoy these foods and I cannot thank you enough.   Jane H. of Ohio
Hello Ed - Our order of 8 lbs of fiddleheads arrived this morning and has already been blanched, packaged and frozen for another year of enjoyment. The fiddleheads were the best yet, and the packing superb. The styrofoam chest kept the cold packs frozen and the fiddleheads very cool. Many Thanks - David and Joy J. of Florida
Truffle oil makes hubby happy...

"Just wanted to thank you for completing my order for truffle oil. My husband was very suprised and so pleased with his gift. The order was complete and prompt and nicely packaged. I would definitely do business with you again. You have a new fan. I have also passed this information along to some of my gourmet cooking friends.Thank You Again!! Good luck in your business, it is a winner!"  Deb P. Ohio

SO impressed with your product quality, prices and selection!

Hello, My husband recently ordered my birthday present, frozen black truffles, from your company. I followed up with an order for truffle oil and truffle tapenade.I really love your site.

As a Personal Chef and an avid home cook, I am SO impressed with your product quality, prices and selection! Your site has made truffle oil easily available for me, and affordable enough to "share" with my clients!

I am also glad to see that you carry Vann's Spices. At the United States Personal Chef Association annual conference this August we had the opportunity to meet the wonderful lady who heads Vann's and test some samples of her spices - wonderful! Thank you again!

Sandra Hall,Dinners on Demand, Corpus Christi, Texas

Ed, Any Idea on How to Store Fresh Truffles ?

     After reading your recent letter on truffles (and seeing your invitation to write at the bottom) I knew you were the one to bring my questions to!
     An Italian friend recently returned from a trip home and brought me 6 blacktruffles. I cook a lot but don't have any experience with truffles(eating yes, owning no). I don't know how best to store them, how long they might last or any tricks (someone told me if I store one with my eggs I would have truffle tasting eggs).
     I am going to make the truffle risotto for somefriends this weekend but should still have most of them left.
     Thanks for any input - I love your website. A member of the United StatesPersonal Chef Association just put it on our Board with a rave review -so you now have up to 10,000 new fans! Thank you.                                     Cheryl
          A Moveable Feast Personal Chef Service

      Thanks for writing. There are a couple of ways to store your truffles.
      You say you are planning to make risotto. Get the rice you are going to use, and store the truffles in the rice in the refrigerator. They should last up to a week this way. Be sure to use the rice you store them in -- it will have a nice truffle flavor.
     A second way to store them is in brandy or cognac, again in the refrigerator. The truffles will last a couple of weeks this way.
     Lastly, if you do not think youcan use the truffles within a couple of weeks, you can freeze them. They will keep up to 6 months this way, although they will loses some of their texture.
      Let me know how your dinner comes out.

Ed Baker, Earthy Delights

"You guys are so incredibly helpful......."
You guys are so incredibly helpful. After enjoying your website I sent Ed an email with my specific truffle questions and he wrote back so quickly. Iwas surprised. He was very knowledgable, helpful and friendly. He gave me some great ideas and I now know exactly what I'm going to do with these little gems. My lucky dinner guests and I thank you!          Cheryl
"Earthy Delights: It's not a Texas company, but ???Chef Gerard Thompson??? of Rough Creek Lodge says he relies on Earthy Delights for hard-to-get ingredients. The Michigan company sells everything from fiddlehead ferns to truffles on its Web site." Dallas Morning News (10/11/2000)
Dallas Morning News

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