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"Dear Earthy Delights,

I placed an order with you on December 15, 1999. I requested delivery in time for New Years Eve. My sales person was Raphael and she was extremely helpful and most pleasant to deal with. When the mushrooms arrived I was shocked to see how beautiful they were. They looked as if they had been picked moments before.

I am the person who was mistakenly shipped two Chef's Baskets when only one had been ordered. I called and spoke with Raphael . Within a short time she was able to determine the error and told me the second basket was a "Merry Christmas" and "Happy New Year" gift. What a lucky person I am. Too often, letters to companies are ones of complaint. I am writing to compliment your company and staff and to thank you for your product and service."                                                 
Maria C.   New Jersey

"ps: With so many mushrooms, we had the opportunity to enjoy new and delicious flavors and textures. Thank you!"

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"After trying a terrific heirloom dried bean sampler from Earthy Delights in Michigan, I'm hooked on its web site, The colorful beans (Adzuki, Cannelini, Christmas Lima, Cranberry, Rattlesnake, And Jacob's Cattle) came with detailed descriptions and recipe cards for each type of bean. The beans were very fresh (old dried beans can be so dessicated that they never get tender when cooked) and the small (8 ounce) size of each sample was the perfect amount to try in a single recipe.

Though all the beans were unique and delicious, the nutty flavor of the Asian Adzuki bean (nice in a salad with a fresh ginger-sesame dressing) turned out to be my favorite.
My next order from is the grain sampler (which includes fun things like blue cornmeal and toasted orzo), but it's nice to know the site has more exotic things, too. The fresh truffles, morels, specialty oils, and ???baby vegetables are probably what draw top chefs like Charlie Trotter to the site."

Susie Middleton, Executive Editor, Fine Cooking Magazine, November 2001

I'll be placing another order soon

"Just want to tell you how pleased I was with the last order. Thanks for the super service and great products. I'll be placing another order soon." Mike D.  California

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"Just wanted to say I really enjoy your ???Cottage Kitchen newsletter. It adds a little inspiration, fun and delectibility to my day. Keep up the goodies!"
Tonya M. Cayman Islands
"Just received my first newsletter from you and want to tell you it was outstanding. Very informative compared to others and I can't wait for the next."    Kim C.

Morels, Fiddleheads & Ramps
Beautiful and fresh....
"The products we received (Morels, Fiddleheads & Ramps) were beautiful and fresh. The recipes on Earthy Delights' Web site last week were from ???Chef Chris Perkey of Bistro Bella Vita in Grand Rapids. We tried his 'Grilled Tuna Steaks with Ramps and Charred Tomato Vinaigrette'. Tasters loved the combination, and the Ramps were especially wonderful." The Detroit Free Press. April 21, 1999

Truffle Care

"Thank you so much for your prompt and thorough reply. I want to compliment you -- I am really impressed by the service I've received at Earthy Delights and I'm confident that the product will match those standards. There is little doubt that I will be ordering from you again -- my friends and I are wont to throw these elaborate dinner parties with delightful regularity, and are constantly in search of hard-to-find ingredients. I think I've found the source!"

whole fresh truffles & frozen truffles.

"We received the product as promised and continue to enjoy our delicious truffles. We were actually surprised at how many there were when we opened the box -- it seemed so decadent! Thanks again, and thanks to Raphael who did a fantastic job of getting us our truffles on short notice and answering a novice's questions about proper handling. She saved the dinner party... or at least the risotto. Delicious."
Julie N.   New Jersey

The Morels are absolutely the most beautiful...

"Thank you for delivering my Morels and Fiddleheads so promptly. They're perfect! The Morels are absolutely the most beautiful ones I have ever seen (or tasted!) Thanks again."
Maureen D.   Missouri

"Dear Ed - Why can't I find fresh Porcini mushrooms anywhere?"
Bob W.   Reno, Nevada

"Bob - Thanks for your inquiry. Fresh Porcini have a very unpredictable season. We don't offer them much to consumers, because they are so hard to ship. Keep an eye on our site. We'll have some in the Fall."  
Bob responded:
"Wow! A prompt and informative response. Thank you very much!  I'm bookmarking your site!"

"This is why I reply to EVERY e-mail Personally."      Ed Baker

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