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Fleur De Sel - 1 lb
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The taste of Fleur de Sel is the complex balance of the sea and her minerals with small flaky crystals, a naturally moist texture and a slight grey /pink cast. It is used to finish a dish rather than as a cooking ingredient for say pasta water. It is a natural complement to fresh raw vegetables, salads, or grilled meats. A truly fulfilling moment is fresh trimmed radishes dipped in Fleur de Sel and served with sweet butter and sliced baguette.


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French Fries, Done Right
While Kennebecs are outstanding all-purpose potatoes, they are absolutely perfect for French fries and potato chips. With flesh that is firm and low in moisture, French fries made with Kennebec potatoes won’t become limp and soggy. Just the right amount of starchiness makes them brown up beautifully with an exceptional flavor that is both warm and nutty. The second requirement for the best French fries is the 2-step cooking method described in the recipe that follows. You may be tempted to try a shortcut and do it in one step, but they just won’t be as good. PS – One more thing – if you want to make the absolutely best, most over-the-top French fries ever, try cooking them in pure rendered duck fat (as we did). Your life will never be the same.
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Shishito Pepper Tempura
This is one of our all-time favorite ways to prepare tasty little shishito peppers. These crisp tempura-fried nuggets of goodness are at their best when they’re just out of the oil. Eat them as soon as they’re cool enough to pop into you mouth. The Ponzu dipping sauce is very easy to make.
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Grilled Mustard-Marmalade Glazed Chicken Wings
The glaze used here is pretty simple: mustard and marmalade, plus a few other ingredients. Any good quality mustard, from stone-ground to classic Dijon, will work – as long as it isn’t that bright yellow stuff. We used one of our new favorites, Founders Centenniel IPA Honey Mustard. It’s already got a subtle hint of honey with a mild hoppy bite from the Founders Brewing Co. India Pale Ale used to make it.
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Pork Belly, Hungarian-style
Pork fat has only about one-fourth the saturated fat and more than twice the monounsaturated fat as butter. It’s very high in Vitamin D and is also low in omega-6 fatty acids, known to promote inflammation; and if your pork comes from free-range pigs that eat greens, not grains, it will have higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids. The bottom line? Relax and enjoy this, and other traditional pork delicacies, in moderation. You’ll be glad you did.
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