Foraged Fare Farro Penne with Mushrooms & Garlic
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Foraged Fare All Natural Farro Penne Pasta with Mushrooms & Toasted Garlic makes it easy to prepare a classic meal at home. This wholesome pasta, made from farro, a hearty and nutty-tasting grain with an ancient history, takes less than 15 minutes to prepare. 


Farro, a relative of our modern-day wheat, was cultivated across much of the ancient Mediterranean world, where it is still popular today. Farro is heartier and richer in flavor than regular wheat and has a pleasant nutty taste that blends well with many foods.


Earthy Delights, located in the heart of Michigan’s abundant natural beauty, has been supplying premium "Forest to Table" ingredients to professional chefs and home cooks for over 30 years.


Earthy Delights introduces a new line that we call “Foraged Fare,” using unique and natural ingredients to make restaurant quality dishes that are simple and easy to prepare, perfect for busy everyday meals or special occasions with family and friends.


Ingredients: Farro penne (wheat flour {unbleached, unbromated, unenriched}, water), mushrooms, seasoning blend {salt, garlic, onion, mushroom powder, parsley}


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The Woodcutter's Wife's Pasta
The Italian translation is "Maccheroncini allo Boscaiuola," but in any language this dish is succulent and saturated with provocative, musky flavors.

Presumably, woodcutters found wild mushrooms in the forest, and their wives obviously knew what to do with them! This dish is simple to prepare and very easy to eat.
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Pasta Pomodoro al Forno
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Enjoy with a hearty Italian red wine for the perfect late summer meal.
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Pasta with Bolognese Sauce
This is a classic, traditional way to serve spaghetti in Italy. Though the recipe originated in Bologna, in the north of Italy, it is now served throughout the country. This is adapted from a recipe in the February, 1997 edition of Gourmet Magazine.
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