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This is the sweetest dried corn ever!

Crisp, crunchy freeze dried sweet corn is versatile, convenient & easy to use. With all of the sweetness of fresh early spring ears of corn, freeze dried sweet corn makes a delicious, nutritious snack or ingredient in your favorite recipes.  


Suggested Use:
Add freeze dried sweet corn to any recipes that call for frozen, fresh or canned corn. It's a fantastic addition to cornbread, vegetable soup, bean salads and salsa. Mix with nuts and dried fruit for an unusual snack.

USA-grown sweet corn 




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Corn and Lobster Chowder with Truffles
A classic "down east" recipe taken to the next level with the addition of truffles! Whatever else you do, don't be put off by the bit about lobster stock. It's easy to prepare yourself simply by gently simmering the discarded lobster shells in water for an hour or so.
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Sweet Corn and Mushroom-Truffle Pasta
This is adapted from one of Emeril's recipes. We add a new twist to some traditional ingredients.
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Sweet Corn Coconut Sauce with Asian Aromatics
An unusual coconut sauce to serve with rice, prawns, mussels, chicken or noodles. Very easy to make yet full of deep, complex flavors. Heavily influenced by Thai and Vietnamese cooking.
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Roasted Corn and Ramp Salsa
This salsa is delicious on fresh grilled fish. Adjust the ingredients so that it's uniquely your own. Serve it next to something bland, like lentils or rice, so that you can "mix things up" and experiment with the flavors. These days we're lucky enough to be able to purchase good quality corn on the cob in their shucks at nearly any time of the year. Don't shirk on this part of the recipe, canned corn won't ring your bell like the real roasted kind will.
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