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The shiitake mushroom has become a familiar staple in the USA in recent years. While very popular in traditional Asian cuisine, fresh shiitakes have only been introduced to modern American cooking within the past decade or two.


Baby shiitake mushrooms, like mature shiitake, are not limited to Asian recipes, and while not truly wild, are frequently substituted in recipes calling for "wild mushrooms". Pair baby shiitake with greens, eggplant, rice, noodles, garlic, soy and chile. Baby shiitakes may be sauteed, roasted or skewered and grilled. When cooked, shiitakes have a distinctively rich, earthy, umami flavor.


Our premium baby shiitake mushrooms are carefully cultivated and harvested from specially prepared logs. Baby shiitake mushrooms range in colors from amber to brown. Each mushroom has a sturdy umbrella shaped cap with a curled rim and cream-colored interior. Unlike mature shiitake mushrooms, baby shiitake mushrooms are entirely edible as their thin stalks are still tender when young.




Fiddleheads with Shiitake Mushrooms
Fiddleheads just seem to go naturally with mushrooms. While fiddleheads are frequently seen in the company of morel mushrooms, it's not often you see them paired with shiitakes. We served this delicious combination at a recent Earthy Delights Open House and it won rave reviews. It's now a standard part of our regular spring menu!
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Cream of Chicken Soup with Wild Rice and Mushrooms
The chicken should be so tender that it practically begs for mercy. The rice should not be mushy. Sometimes I like to add a dash of hot sauce to recipes like this one, just to bring things into better focus and add a little life.
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Macaroni and Mushroom Gratin
This is gourmet comfort food at its finest, and it's remarkably easy to prepare. Cheese, chives, and parsley give it just a bit of an edge, while the pasta smooths it out. The mushrooms add a wonderful, woodsy flavor and texture. This is a magical combination of fine gourmet cuisine and rustic family style cooking. In this case, we're using wild Chanterelle Mushrooms together with cultivated Trumpet Royale Mushrooms, and cultivated Shiitakes.
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Mushroom Bolognese
A classic Bolognese sauce is one of the big, heavy sauces, filled with meat. It is a long-cooking sauce that needs a slow simmering to tenderize the meat and transfer the flavor to the sauce.

This version, however, using mushrooms, cooks in less than a third of the time without compromising the intense flavor. You can be creative and use any mushrooms you wish, especially the ones you pick yourself!
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Cream of Shiitake and Broccoli Soup
"By using oats rather than a dairy product to cream this soup, you turn an ordinary recipe into one with a healthy twist and a light, clean taste." - Rebecca Wood
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