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The Bianchetto truffle (Tuber borchii Vittadini) is one of the most famous wild truffles and is found abundantly in the Tuscany, Piedmont and Marche regions of Italy.


Bianchetto truffles are a “whitish” truffle (Bianchetto is Italian for “whitish”). Also known as Blanquette, Marzuolo (“March” in Italian) or Spring Truffles, Bianchetto truffles are a less expensive substitute for White truffles (Tuber Magnatum Pico) found in the same region. The season for Bianchetto Truffles typically runs from early January through April.


The aroma of Bianchetto truffles is similar to the much more expensive White Alba or Perigord truffle, although has a little more of a garlicky bite. At maturity, the exterior of the Bianchetto truffle turns light to reddish brown with irregular dark brown patches. Inside, the truffle becomes tawny to dark brown, interlaced with a network of white veins. Bianchetto truffles range in size from hazelnut to golf ball sized. Bianchetto Truffles can be used in many recipes calling for White truffles.


Store fresh truffles in the refrigerator submerged in a container of uncooked rice or wrapped loosely in paper towels. Fresh truffles are best when used within a week or less after they arrive.


About fresh truffle shipping schedules:
We do our best to bring you the freshest truffles possible, with shipments arriving weekly. There may be occasional gaps in availability due to our delivery schedules. If you need truffles delivered on a specific date, please let us know and we'll do our best to see that they arrive when you need them.


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Truffled Eggs
The intense aroma and flavor of fresh truffles is easily absorbed through the semi-permeable eggshells, infusing fresh eggs with truffle flavor.
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Truffled Lobster, White Corn Pancakes & Baby Beets
An elegant extravaganza of tastes and textures. The extra work is well worth the end result. Perfect if you want to impress or for a romantic or special occasion.

Wonderful as lobsters taste served with plain melted butter, they shine when accompanied by these amazingly flavorful ingredients. Beets, you ask? They seem to be a perfect marriage! Truffles can only enhance what is there as well.

This recipe is adapted from one by the great Bobby Flay. Makes four outrageously decadent servings.
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Truffled Bourbon
If you ever use a recipe that calls for bourbon, instead of ordinary bourbon, use "truffled" bourbon for a heady, mysterious flavor that is difficult to describe but wonderful to experience.

You can then use the truffles in any of your favorite recipes.
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Truffle Butter
A simple recipe that packs a punch! This versatile truffle butter can be used in numerous recipes to add that special magic. Freezes well.
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