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Fresh Summer Truffles - 3 oz

Fresh Summer Truffles - 3 oz
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Fresh Burgundy Truffles - 3 oz

Fresh Burgundy Truffles - 3 oz
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Truffle Shaver - Stainless Steel

Truffle Shaver - Stainless Steel
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Fresh Black Oregon Truffles - 3 oz

Item #: TFO103
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Fresh Black Truffles (Leucangium carthusianum) from Oregon look somewhat similar in appearance to Black Summer Truffles from Europe, but the resemblance ends there. Chefs and adventurous cooks across the country prize Oregon Black Truffles as a uniquely American delicacy, but one that is just as delicious and intriguing as their better-known (and much pricier) European cousins.

Oregon black truffles have a pronounced pungent, fruity-musky aroma and a strong flavor. While fresh Oregon black truffles don't have quite the same intensity as fresh European truffles, they are far less expensive and offer their own uniquely distinctive truffle flavor.

Fresh Truffles are shipped packed in rice which will become infused with truffle flavor and aroma. We recommend using it in your favorite risotto recipe.

Store fresh truffles in the refrigerator in the rice in which they were shipped. Fresh truffles are best used within approximately one week after they arrive.

3 oz fresh truffles



Spaghettini al Beurre with Fresh Truffles
Fresh, firm truffles, thinly shaved over warm pasta are a true joy to the senses. Their pleasing aroma and subtle nuances of flavor are released by the gentle warmth of freshly cooked pasta.
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Oregon Black Truffle-Parsley Compound Butter
A wonderfully versatile compound butter that will add deep, woodsy flavors to anything you add it to. Very handy to have at a moment's notice. A dab on cooked fish or meat or poultry will make dinner taste like a gourmet meal you've slaved long hours over!
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Black Truffle Pasta
Simple yet intriguing.
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Black Truffle Sauce
A wonderful truffle sauce to serve over vegetables, potatoes, meat and even some fish dishes. Experiment and enjoy!
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