Fresh Burgundy Truffles (T. uncinatum) - 4 ounces
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Burgundy truffles (Tuber uncinatum), harvested in southern Italy, closely resemble Summer Truffles in their dark exterior. The interior flesh is lighter in color, with milk chocolate-brown flesh mottled with white veins.

Their flavor and aroma is more robust than that of Summer Truffles, perhaps because of their later maturation. Burgundy Truffles are at their best when used uncooked and are typically shaved raw over pasta, rice, egg or potato dishes, and as a finishing touch to sauces or meat dishes.


Store fresh truffles in the refrigerator submerged in a container of uncooked rice or wrapped loosely in paper towels. Fresh truffles are best when used within a week or less after they arrive.

4 oz fresh Burgundy Truffles


About fresh truffle shipping schedules:
We do our best to bring you the freshest truffles possible, with shipments arriving weekly. There may be occasional gaps in availability due to our delivery schedules. If you need truffles delivered on a specific date, please let us know and we'll do our best to see that they arrive when you need them.




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Spaghettini al Beurre with Fresh Truffles
Fresh, firm truffles, thinly shaved over warm pasta are a true joy to the senses. Their pleasing aroma and subtle nuances of flavor are released by the gentle warmth of freshly cooked pasta.
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Truffle Pasta
Truffles turn an ordinary, easy to make pasta into a luxurious experience.
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Truffled Potatoes
This is a dish that is both beautiful and delectable. The potato flavors are intensified by fresh truffles and softened by the cream. It's a dream of a dish - or a dish dreams are made of!
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Truffle Butter
A simple recipe that packs a punch! This versatile truffle butter can be used in numerous recipes to add that special magic. Freezes well.
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