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Cauliflower mushrooms (Sparassis) are as delicious to eat as they are interesting in appearance. They're often described as looking like a sea sponge, a brain (!), or a head of cauliflower, which is clearly the source of its most common name.


The cauliflower mushroom, with its many wavy folds and crevices, requires careful cleaning before cooking; separating the mushroom into clusters or "florets" can make this job a lot easier. Once free from dirt and needles, the cauliflower mushroom is ready for cooking.


The cauliflower mushroom is wonderful in soups, stews and consommes where it retains its texture very much like an al dente noodle.


Cauliflower mushrooms also go well with roasted meats and poultry, are excellent in braises and casseroles and add interest to sauces and gravies.


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