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Fresh Chestnuts in the Shell - 1 lb
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Once almost forgotten, Chestnut groves can once again be found throughout the Midwest. Earthy Delights is proud to work with chestnut farmers from Michigan and Ohio who grow, harvest, process and peel their own chestnuts.  Each fall, Earthy Delights offers fresh Midwestern-grown chestnuts, available September - December.

Interest in these sweet, tasty nuts has been growing steadily in recent years as fresh American-grown chestnuts have become readily available. While chestnuts have never gone out of style in Europe and Asia, more and more Americans are coming to appreciate their unique flavor and texture.

Unlike other nuts, fresh chestnuts don't store well for long periods. Though frozen, candied and preserved chestnuts are available all year, fresh chestnuts are one of those wonderful seasonal treats that we can only enjoy for a brief few weeks each fall. 
Why Midwestern-grown Chestnuts?
We think you'll find Midwestern chestnuts to be the freshest, sweetest & tastiest chestnuts you've ever eaten.
Just listen to what one of our customers had to say:
"WOW - What a difference 'Made in America' makes to taste, tenderness, sweetness, nuttiness and ease in preparation.
The chestnuts arrived yesterday and we had some for dinner last night... Please consider this note to be a sincere "Thank You". I have used both Italian and Chinese nuts and they simply do not compare. They were sweet as candy."


Click the "More Details" tab above for instructions on how to prepare fresh chestnuts!

Fresh Unsorted American-grown Chestnuts per lb



Find delicious recipes, visit the Earthy Delights Blog!


Mushroom Bread Pudding
This is another one of those wonderfully hearty side dishes that can double as a main vegetarian course. This recipe will yield 20 small puddings, so cut the recipe in half if you don't have a crowd.
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Chestnut Ravioli with Bacon and Sage Brown Butter
The chestnut has a rich but mild flavor. It goes wonderfully with the spicy redolence of bacon, onion, and garlic. Add some chopped apple and wrap it in pasta and what you have is a brand new combination of flavors.

Using won ton wrappers cuts the time of preparation, to make this doable at short notice. Ready-to-eat chestnuts make this even easier!
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Braised Pork with Chestnuts
A delicious rustic pork dish with chestnuts, guaranteed to satisfy.
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Braised Chestnuts
This simple dish is unusual, delicious, and the perfect accompaniment to almost any Autumn entrée. Use fresh or frozen chestnuts - either will work just fine. Perfect with a turkey or with any kind of roast. Braised chestnuts can even be adapted for a vegetarian menu simply by using vegetable stock instead of chicken stock.
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Chestnuts Simmered in Butter
The basic recipe for cooking and peeling chestnuts. A springboard to other delicious dishes. A must in every cook's repertoire.
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Chestnuts and Brussels Sprouts
This is a variation on a classic Italian recipe, although they like to roast them. Boiling them produces a softer chestnut that goes well with the Brussels sprouts. Chestnuts go very well with pork, turkey and goose.

Using ready-to-eat chestnuts, cuts the cooking time significantly, which allows you to have this on the table quickly.
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Minestra Di Castagna
This recipe is adapted from one by the great Italian chef, Mario Batali. It makes a wonderful, hearty side dish with meat or poultry, or a great vegetarian main course. This is one of those wonderful dishes that you can use your imagination on. Add a small amount of chopped bacon or some sautéed mushrooms. Try it with leeks and finely diced carrot, or add chopped florets of broccoli and cauliflower.

Ready to eat chestnuts may be substituted to save time, without compromising the flavor.
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Wild Rice Stuffing with Chestnuts
Don't wait for Thanksgiving to make this excellent stuffing. You can enjoy it as a side dish any time of year, especially if you use the ready-to eat chestnuts or even the frozen ones.
Wild rice has a nice chewy texture and is very flavorful compared to its domesticated counterparts. The addition of fresh chestnuts enhances the earthy flavor of the wild rice, adding a little mystery.

This recipe will make approximately enough for a 14-16 pound turkey.
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Quail in Rose Petal Sauce
This recipe is adapted from one developed by M.S. Milliken and S. Feniger and aired on the Food Channel. It's a "two-part" recipe, starting with the Rose Petal Sauce and going on to the recipe for the quail. It is an absolute delicacy, revealing flavors you may never have experienced before. The combination of the anise, roses, and chestnuts alone is sufficient to offer this dish absolute distinction. The addition of the quail and garlic is unforgettable. Make sure to use fresh quail if you can get them.
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Beef and Guinness Casserole with Chestnuts
Though this dish is called a "casserole," it's really more of a stew. Made rich and savory with plenty of beef stock, the flavor is rounded out by the addition of Guinness Stout and the mellow sweetness of chestnuts.

Call it what you will, it's good for you and tastes good too.
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Chestnut and Butternut Squash Soup
Chestnuts provide a velvety texture, mild sweetness and crunchy topping to this hearty, yet elegant soup. For an equally satisfying, vegetarian version of this wonderful soup, simply omit the bacon and crème fraîche and substitute vegetable broth for the chicken stock.
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Roasted Chestnut Soup with Dumplings
Chestnut soup is a wonderful gourmet experience, hot and rich, and full of the nutty flavor of American chestnuts. This is another example of "fusion" cooking - here we've combined an Asian favorite, Won Tons, with a traditional U.S. soup, right out of colonial America.
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Two Rices with Mushrooms, Chestnuts & Cherries
A delicious, elegant, woodsy-flavored side dish for poultry or wild game. It can be cooked mostly in advance and ready-to-eat chestnuts may be successfully substituted, leaving you with more precious time to enjoy your guests.

This dish may also be served as a vegetarian entree.
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Chestnut Chanterelle Garnish
This lifts comfort food to heavenly levels. To save time, you can use ready-to-eat chestnuts.
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Pork & Chestnut Wontons
Chestnuts have been treasured as a delicacy throughout Asia for centuries. Their sweet, gently nutty taste and toothsome texture pair beautifully with the mild flavor of tender pork, as evidenced by the many traditional recipes which use both ingredients.

Wontons are surprisingly easy to make, especially if you use ready-made wonton wrappers, which can be found in most grocery stores these days. Don't worry about making them perfectly on the first try; in cooking, you can almost always eat your mistakes! Rest assured, after two or three, you'll be turning them out like an old pro.

These savory wontons can also be added to chicken stock for a deliciously satisfying dumpling soup, or fried until golden brown for a crisp & crunchy treat. Wontons also freeze exceptionally well, so you can make a big batch and save some for later - if you have any leftovers!
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Cornish Game Hens with Wild Mushrooms, Chestnuts & Bacon
In the autumn, when the weather cools and a sharp nip is in the air, there's nothing more satisfying than deliciously old-fashioned comfort food. This updated classic will fill the whole house with a rich, mouth-watering aroma as it gently warms the kitchen.

Who cares if the leaves are falling? The earthiness of wild mushrooms, the mild sweetness of chestnuts and the savory flavor of braised game hens remind us that fall is the season when the summer's bounty is ready to enjoy with friends and family.
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Pan-Roasted Chestnuts
While there are literally thousands of interesting ways to prepare chestnuts, one of the easiest – and most satisfying – is to pan roast them. Roasting brings out the very best from chestnuts, concentrating their sweet, earthy flavor into the very essence of autumn. There is absolutely nothing better than a handful of warm, freshly roasted chestnuts on a chilly evening.

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Wild and "Tame" Rice with Chestnuts
Here's a recipe that is not only great for the holidays, but is just as pleasing and satisfying at any time of the year. It's inspired by a traditional Japanese rice dish, Kuri Gohan (literally, rice with chestnuts), but with the addition of North American wild rice. The nutty flavor and chewy texture of wild rice really adds a new dimension to the dish. While it makes a wonderful side dish with just about any meal, it would also work very well as a stuffing for turkey or a roasting chicken.

If you're entertaining a crowd, just double the recipe up and don't worry about leftovers - this delicious rice dish re-heats exceptionally well.
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