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Fresh Chestnuts in the Shell - 5 lb

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Once almost forgotten, Chestnut groves can once again be found throughout the Midwest. Earthy Delights is proud to work with chestnut farmers from Michigan and Ohio who grow, harvest, process and peel their own chestnuts.  Each fall, Earthy Delights offers fresh Midwestern-grown chestnuts, available September - December.

Interest in these sweet, tasty nuts has been growing steadily in recent years as fresh American-grown chestnuts have become readily available. While chestnuts have never gone out of style in Europe and Asia, more and more Americans are coming to appreciate their unique flavor and texture.

Unlike other nuts, fresh chestnuts don't store well for long periods. Though frozen, candied and preserved chestnuts are available all year, fresh chestnuts are one of those wonderful seasonal treats that we can only enjoy for a brief few weeks each fall. 
Why Midwestern-grown Chestnuts?
We think you'll find Midwestern chestnuts to be the freshest, sweetest & tastiest chestnuts you've ever eaten.
Just listen to what one of our customers had to say:
"WOW - What a difference 'Made in America' makes to taste, tenderness, sweetness, nuttiness and ease in preparation.
The chestnuts arrived yesterday and we had some for dinner last night... Please consider this note to be a sincere "Thank You". I have used both Italian and Chinese nuts and they simply do not compare. They were sweet as candy."


Click the "More Details" tab above for instructions on how to prepare fresh chestnuts!

Fresh Unsorted American-grown Chestnuts per lb



Chestnuts Simmered in Butter
The basic recipe for cooking and peeling chestnuts. A springboard to other delicious dishes. A must in every cook's repertoire.
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by Kukula
on 12/9/2012
Simply Amazing!
The taste of these wonderful all-American chestnuts is 
simply wonderful. They are sweet, tender, and fragrant -
sheer delight to the senses! These fresh chestnuts are
utterly amazing steamed and eaten piping hot! They are
so delicious and nutritious that our family eats these
chestnuts instead of bread! They are instantly addictive,
and their candy-like sweetness and mouth-watering
aroma was a hit visiting friends and relatives! Simply the
best, and simply amazing!
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