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Does it really taste "just like chicken?"  Probably not, but the Chicken of the Woods mushroom is nonetheless important from a culinary point of view. While some claim that it tastes "just like chicken," the comparison probably comes from its pleasantly firm and meaty  texture. The vivid orange-yellow color of this unique fungus is unmistakable, as is its mild, pleasant flavor. 
One of the few edible polypores or shelf mushrooms, the Chicken of the Woods (Laetiporus sulphureus), grows in overlapping masses, or clusters on logs and stumps of both hardwood and conifers..  When the mushroom is young, its thick flesh is uniformly solid and smooth, breaking into firm, but tender golden chunks. 
The Chicken of the Woods mushroom loses little volume when cooked and its texture makes it an excellent substitute for meat in vegetarian dishes.  Saute Chicken of the Woods in butter, add to a stir fry or roast  with other wild mushrooms.


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Triple Wild Mushroom Pizza

Who wants pizza?.


This "from-scratch" pizza is guaranteed to thrill both mushroom lovers and pizza lovers in general (which includes just about the entire world).


What makes it TRIPLE wild mushroom? Well, we've added mushroom powder to the crust, dried mushrooms to the sauce and sauteed mushrooms on top. We've kept other, competing toppings to a minimum to allow all that wonderful mushroomy goodness to shine through.


Take that, Old Man Winter! You're not getting any.

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Wild Mushroom Salsa
A wild and tasty salsa with an earthy, mushroomy twist.
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Wild Mushroom & Pumpkin Soup
This soup makes a great Fall luncheon when the air turns brisk and the leaves turn red. Serve it with hot bread and cinnamon butter for a real treat. A tasty addition to Thanksgiving dinner.
It's so easy yet tastes so delicious. It's forest magic!
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Mushroom-Stuffed Onions
This recipe is a wonderful combination of textures and flavors. The flavor of the onion itself mellows out and offers a delicious undertone to the earthy mushrooms, wild rice, and the sweet and sour apple flavors. Exotic, easy and rustic. Perfect to complement an Autumn dinner with friends.
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