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Fresh Chicken of the Woods Mushrooms - per lb
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One of the few edible shelf mushrooms, known as polypores, the Chicken of the Woods (Laetiporus sulphureus), grows in overlapping masses, or clusters on logs and stumps of both hardwood and conifers, widespread and common. 
The Chicken of the Woodsmushroom's versatility makes it important from a culinary point of view. It is said by some to taste "just like chicken" and has a similar meaty  texture. The vivid orange-yellow color of this unique fungus is unmistakable, as is its mild, pleasant flavor. 
When the mushroom is young, its thick flesh is uniformly solid and smooth, breaking into firm, but tender golden chunks. 
Saute Chicken of the Woods in butter, add  to a stir fry or roast  with other wild mushrooms.They are wonderful for vegetarian meals, making an excellent Chicken of the Woods risotto or Chicken of the Woods curry.


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