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Fresh Michigan Wild Leeks (Ramps) -1 lb
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Ramps appear first in their southern range in late March. The season finally ends in the far north in early-to-mid June.

Fresh Ramps and Wild Leeks have a bold, spicy flavor, like a combination of onions and garlic and make an exciting statement no matter how you use them.

The folk medicine reputation which holds both Ramps and Wild Leeks to be powerful healers turns out to be well deserved. They are high in Vitamins C and A, and full of healthful minerals and have the same cholesterol-reducing compounds found in garlic and other members of this family.

Lest the reputation for excessive stinking scare you away from trying them, you should know that Earthy Delights sells Ramps and Wild Leeks (both) to some of the finest restaurants in America. No complaints about too much stink yet!

Claim your share of the Spring Wild Harvest!


Please note: Supplies are frequently limited, so these little beauties are available on a first come, first serve basis only. As always, orders will be fulfilled & shipped in the order in which they were received.


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Find delicious recipes, visit the Earthy Delights Blog!


Morel and Ramp Crostini
This is a simple and delicious appetizer. It calls for a generous ½ cup of ramps. If you want a more mildly flavored dish, cut the ramps back to ¼ cup or so. You may want to experiment until you've found the combination just right for you. This appetizer may be served warm or at room temperature. May also be served as a side dish.
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Morel, Ramp, and Truffle Gratinee
Spring "casserole" that reaches the heights of gustatory delight! Fresh morels and ramps, topped off with decadent Hollandaise sauce!
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Pasta with Morels, Ramps, Asparagus & Goat Cheese
This homage to Spring is adapted from one in Gourmet Magazine. For our version, we use ramps, which, when combined with the morels, give the sauce that characteristic "edge" that comes from using wild ingredients. A wild dish like this needs a robust red wine, something dry and rough that brings your palette wide awake.
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Potato and Wild Mushroom Napoleons
A visual and tasteful, delight! The secret here, as it is in many recipes, is freshness. Fresh mushrooms, fresh ramps, fresh cream, fresh seasonings and fresh arugula. This is a medley of flavors that is really beyond compare. The recipe is adapted from one by Emeril Lagasse.
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Sautéed Fiddleheads with Morel Mushrooms
Simple to prepare, yet brings out the best in all flavors. The rich, earthy flavor of fresh morels is enhanced by green, fresh ferns and shallots. Use as appetizer or a side dish.
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Morels and Ramps in Phyllo
Morels and ramps - what is more evocative of spring?
These two spring-time delicacies pair wonderfully in this recipe inspired by the famous Greek spinach dish, Spanakopita. Meltingly crisp layers of buttery pastry give way to the distinctive earthy flavors of morels and ramps. If you use early spring ramps as we suggest, you can use all the greens, right up to the tip.
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Zucchini Stuffed with Morels, Ramps & Pine Nuts
This is a superb appetizer, or side dish, not difficult, but probably something your guests haven't tried anywhere else. This dish is delicious, and very unusual yet elegant. This recipe yields about 30 rounds. Don't count on leftovers.
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Pasta with Ramps
You make the sauce while the pasta cooks. Nothing could be simpler. Ramps add that wild, natural flavor that lifts the pasta dish to eloquence.

It serves four and is adapted from a recipe printed in the April 2000 edition of Gourmet Magazine.
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Spaghetti with Ramps
For those who love ramps, this is comfort food at its very best. Fast, easy and exotic. Frozen ramp bulbs can be used if fresh are out of season. Just thaw and blanch and continue with the recipe. Any pasta will do.
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Pasta alla Carbonara with Ramps
It seems that trendy restaurants are constantly "re-discovering" new ingredients that are actually very old traditional foods. Hog jowl (guanciale in Italian), a bacon-like cured pork, is one such "hot" ingredient. Old timers have never forgotten about them and have relished their rich layers of flavor and texture for generations. It's only fitting that we pair them up with ramps, another old-time country food, in this updated version of the Italian classic, Pasta alla Carbonara.

As with most Italian pasta dishes, there is relatively little sauce. The eggs are added to the sauce raw, and cook with the heat of the pasta itself, forming a coating on the noodles, with chewy nuggets of hog jowl scattered among them.
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Beef Tenderloins Stuffed with Morels and Ramps
This is not a difficult dish to prepare, and it sure to bring the house down. The brandy adds a delicious undertone to the rich,earthy flavors of morels and ramps. Make plenty of the sauce, you just can't get enough!
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Fiddlehead and Ham Casserole
A versatile recipe that can be served as a main meal, or in smaller portions as an appetizer or side dish. Frozen fiddleheads may be substituted if fresh aren't available. This is a perfect dish for using cooked ham, maybe after Easter. Creamy with a crunch of Spring.
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Lamb Shanks Braised with Vegetables
Braised lamb shanks are the ultimate comfort food. The meat falls off the bone and melts in your mouth. A classic, rustic preparation with a new twist.
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Pork Loin with Morel and Ramp Stuffing
The morel-ramp stuffing is an intriguing departure from a regular bread stuffing. The stuffing makes an attractive design in the sliced pork. If fresh morels and ramps are out of season, using dried morels, reconstituted, and frozen ramp bulbs will work beautifully without compromising the flavor.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how good this pork tastes served chilled! It slices even easier when cold. It would be a good idea to make extra just for the leftovers.
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Tenderloins Forestiere
Slicing the beef tenderloin before cooking lets it do so quickly. The wild mushroom-ramp sauce adds some rich, rustic flavors to the meat.
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Veal Scaloppini with Fresh Morels and Marsala
While veal is a popular meat to serve with this dish, some people prefer to substitute chicken or low fat turkey breasts. They're less expensive and leaner. The word "scaloppini" is a reference to the way in which the meat is sliced - very thin and across the grain so that it'll be extra tender. The wild leeks,or Ramps, have an extra "edge" which goes nicely with this mild dish.
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Buttermilk Ramp Biscuits
Nothing says "Country Breakfast" like fresh, hot buttermilk biscuits. As long as we're making real biscuits from scratch, why not go all the way and add some tangy ramps and crisp bits of smoked hog jowl? There is really nothing hard about making biscuits. With a little bit of practice, you can whip up a batch in 15 minutes or less (plus baking time, of course). You'll have just enough time to brew up a pot of coffee before they're ready.

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Ramp Aioli
Aioli is essentially a garlicky mayonnaise that is a traditional sauce and spread in the Provencal region of France. Our version incorporates a North American native, the wild ramp (or wild leek), in place of the garlic. The resulting mixture with rich flavors of egg, olive oil and pungent ramps, bears little resemblence to commercial mayonnaise. The small amount of effort required is amply rewarded by the luxurious taste & feel of a classic condiment, updated for our enjoyment.
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Scrambled Eggs With Ramps
Here's one of the more traditional ways of preparing ramps that adheres to the principle of "less is more." Nothing fancy - just a few simple ingredients of good quality.

Find farm-fresh eggs and real smoked bacon if you can - you won't regret it.
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Sautéed Ramps with Apple Smoked Bacon
In Appalachia, where they are highly revered, ramps are often fried with "taters" in bacon grease or scrambled with eggs and are usually served with bacon, beans, coleslaw and cornbread. But there are literally hundreds of ways to cook ramps and many recipes are easily adapted to accommodate the powerful flavor and aroma of this wild member of the onion family.

This recipe makes four servings - less, if you're a real ramp fanatic.
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