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Fresh Hedgehog Mushrooms - per lb
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The Hedgehog mushroom (Hydnum repandum, Hydnum umbilicatum) is a wild forest mushroom found under deciduous and coniferous trees. The Hedgehog mushroom is also known as 'Sheep's Foot, 'Sweet Tooth' and 'Wood Urchin". Instead of gills or pores, Hedgehogs sport little, cream-colored spines, or teeth, like a hedgehog.


Mild but very flavorful, Hedgehog mushrooms are an excellent substitute for Chanterelles when they are not in season.


Hedgehog mushrooms are versatile, going very well with both meat and fish dishes, sauces, soups, stews or mixed with other mushrooms, but are worth trying on their own for their excellent flavor.





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Hedgehog Stir-Fry
We are not talking about that cute little animal! These are hedgehog mushrooms.

This is the simplest of recipes that really accentuates the mellow flavor of the mushrooms. Be creative and add the herbs you like....
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Breast of Veal with Hedgehog Mushrooms
The name of this fascinating mushroom comes from the small, toothlike projections under the cap where, in other mushrooms, the gills are found. They can be found in groups under conifers or hardwoods, or, depending on the area of the country, around rhododendron bushes. They have been described by some as having a mild chanterelle flavor.
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Baked Haddock with Hedgehog Mushrooms
Here's another wonderful main course for the mushroom extravaganza. Haddock is a light, flaky fish that goes well with a variety of sauces, but this combination of mushrooms, wine, and green onions is simple, light, and hard to beat. Served lakeside with candlelight, soft music, and fresh garden vegetables it makes a romantic gourmet dinner. It's also wonderful in the spring with tender fresh asparagus.
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Mushrooms in Wine Sauce
A simple, classic recipe that is as versatile as the varieties of mushrooms and wines. An elegant basic for any recipe collection. Maybe be used as a sauce for other dishes.
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