Fresh Hen of the Woods (Maitake) - 3 lb
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Take one look at a cluster of Hen of the Woods and you'll immediately know how this mushroom got its name.


The hen of the woods mushroom (Grifola frondosa) is an unusual fungus that grows on tree trunks and stumps in the wild, but which can also be very successfully cultivated. The many caps of the hen of the woods mushroom are joined together at the base to form its distinctive and striking form. Also called Poule de Bois, Pied-de-griffon, Laubporling, and Grifo, the hen of the woods mushroom is known as "maitake" in Japan.


Visually stunning like a feathery tan ball, Hen of the Woods mushrooms have a fresh earthy taste like a walk in the Autumn woods. Hen of the Woods retains its fine flavor and firm, meaty texture, even after cooking.  Fresh hen of the woods mushrooms are both delicious and healthful and are suitable for all cooking methods.




One 3 lb bag

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Cornish Game Hens with Wild Mushrooms, Chestnuts & Bacon
In the autumn, when the weather cools and a sharp nip is in the air, there's nothing more satisfying than deliciously old-fashioned comfort food. This updated classic will fill the whole house with a rich, mouth-watering aroma as it gently warms the kitchen.

Who cares if the leaves are falling? The earthiness of wild mushrooms, the mild sweetness of chestnuts and the savory flavor of braised game hens remind us that fall is the season when the summer's bounty is ready to enjoy with friends and family.
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Wild Mushroom Crepes with Duck Prosciutto, Sour Cream & Chutney
Crepes are an ideal canvas for featuring delicately flavored wild mushrooms, such as Chanterelles, Hen of the Woods (Maitake) or Hedgehogs These delicious savory crepes also make an excellent base for any variety of other toppings.
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Chawan Mushi with Maitake Mushrooms
Chawan Mushi is a popular Japanese egg custard dish. In fact special China cups are made for preparing and serving the custard. The cups come with lids that are used to keep the custard warm for a while after it is served. In our recipe we have substituted ramekins for the traditional cups.
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Hen of the Woods (Maitake) Gravy
Look at a cluster of Hen of the Woods and you'll immediately know how this mushroom got its name. Covered with multiple, floppy, fingerlike projections this delectable mushroom looks like a big pile of feathers.

This "hen" has a mild flavor, but with deep, woodsy undertones. Sautéed in butter, it is absolutely superb. The ends crisp up wonderfully and this is one mushroom that doesn't lose its great texture - or flavor - when cooked.
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