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The delicious and beautiful fruit of the kumquat tree grow in clusters, with the mature fruits reaching up to 2 inches in length. Unlike other citruses, the entire fruit is edible (apart from the few seeds found within the flesh). In fact, the edible peel is where the true citrusy-sweet aroma and flavor lie. The flesh offers a bold and juicy tart contrast, making for a sweet/tart mouthful.


Since kumquats are entirely edible, they make an interesting and versatile ingredient in both sweet and savory preparations.


Suggested uses:

  • Slice kumquats into round "coins" and cook with sugar and water until candied, then use to top pound cake or ice cream.
  • Add sliced kumuats to pomegranate juice, champagne and club soda for punch.
  • Poach kumquat slices in sugar and water, then layer over a tart shell baked with almond and butter filling, topped with kumquat syrup.
  • Cook kumquat and onion slices until softened, then add lamb breasts, braising liquid and cook tagine until meat is done, then serve over couscous.
  • Dice kumquats and mix with diced avocado, red onion, cilantro and lime for a fresh salsa.



Wash and dry the kumquats, split or halve, and pluck the seeds out with the tip of a knife.




No recipes at this time. Please come back soon.


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