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Mindo 100% Baking Chocolate - 1 lb
Mindo 77% Chocolate Chunks - 1 lb
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Mindo Chocolate Liquor - 1 lb
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Fresh Meyer Lemons - per lb
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Plump, tender & fragrant Meyer Lemons are distinctively orange-yellow citrus fruits, significantly sweeter than other lemons, with a tantalizing aroma with hints of honey and herbs.

This cross between a lemon and a sweet orange was imported to the U.S. from China 100 years ago by Frank Meyer, the man whose name they still bear.

With their sweet juice, thinner peel, low acid and floral, Meyer lemons are fun to cook with and even more fun to eat.


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Marinated Green Olives with Duck Prosciutto
What is more Spanish than the olive? This delightfully simple appetizer is very reminiscent of Spanish-style tapas, small bite-sized portions of savory foods, usually eaten along with a glass of wine. If you purchase good quality olives which have already been marinated, half the work is already done. If you've been extra ambitious, you can use your own Cured Green Olives. But no matter how you prepare the olives, the end result will be wonderful.
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Grilled Tuna Steaks with Citrus-Soy Sauce
East meets West on the barbecue grill!

This savory citrus-soy sauce is a perfect complement to the rich flavor and meaty texture of fresh tuna steaks that have been seared to medium-rare on a hot grill.

With the thick tuna steaks cooking for just a single minute on each side, this entire dish takes less than 20 minutes to prepare, sauce included.

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Grilled Herb-stuffed Trout
Here’s a method for grilling any whole fish that is both simple and delicious. It's more fun if you use fish that you caught yourself, but if you're not a fisherman, just pay a visit to your local fishmonger. We prepared this recipe using farm-raised trout, but use whatever you prefer, as long as it’s fresh and whole. And don't worry - if you're squeamish, leaving the head on is optional.
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Truffled Baba Ghanouj
This flavor-rich eggplant puree is perfect for plunging pita chips or crudités (that’s French for raw vegetables), but that’s not all. Spread on sandwiches, it makes a quick & easy snack or toss with cooked rigatoni or penne pasta for a light lunch or dinner in under 30 minutes.
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Grilled Game Hens with Oregano, Lemon, Black Pepper & Truffle Oil
One of our favorite ways to prepare game hens is by bathing them in a savory marinade with a taste that is reminiscent of the sunny Mediterranean. The classic combination of olive oil, fresh lemons, oregano and zesty black pepper is enlivened with a modest splash of truffle oil. Marinating the hens for several hours allows all these rich flavors to mingle and infuse every bit of the chicken.
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Red, White & Blue Potato Salad With Feta Cheese
Red, White & Blue Potato Salad with Feta Cheese is colorful, but it’s got more going for it than just good looks. This potato salad sparkles with the vibrant flavors of fresh lemon, mellow olive oil, tangy Dijon mustard and the briny goodness of feta cheese. It’s quite unlike the typical potato salad that is found at picnics, barbecues and cookouts across the country. The United States been called “the melting pot” where a variety of cultures have blended over the nearly two and a half centuries of its existence. How appropriate to enjoy a potato salad that recalls those multi-cultural roots by combining elements of international cuisine – potatoes from South America, vinaigrette from the Mediterranean, feta cheese from Eastern Europe – into one harmonious convergence of flavor!
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Crayfish with Asparagus and Morels
The flavors of spring are delicate. The first tender emerging shoots and mushrooms usually don’t have the robust flavors of summer’s produce and need careful handling to bring out their best qualities. There are exceptions, of course. The first ramps of the year are thought by many to be the most potent and pungent of the season. But many other wild spring foods – morel mushrooms, fiddlehead ferns, wild asparagus and the like – are best appreciated when lightly cooked and seasoned, allowing their gentle flavors to shine through.
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Steamed Artichokes with Ramp Aioli
Fresh artichokes are available for much of the year, but it’s spring, so we’ve paired them with a special dipping sauce made from one of the season’s most delicious wild offerings – fresh ramps, also known as wild leeks. The fresh, wild flavor of ramps is the perfect match to the sweetness of the artichoke, making it one of our favorite dishes this time of year.
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Meyer Lemon Tartlets with a Scandinavian Cookie Crust
Inspired by the traditional Scandinavian filled cookie called “sandbakkel,” this crisp, lemony tartlet is just the right size for one. With a filling of tangy-sweet Meyer lemon curd and a baked meringue topping, it looks like a miniature version of a classic lemon meringue tart, but it’s suprisingly easy to make.
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Luscious Pear-Maple Syrup Pie
Pears are less acidic, milder in flavor and more tender in texture than apples. But that gently sweet flavor has earned the pear its place in the pie pantheon. The pear is a companionable fruit, getting along well with other assertive flavors such as pepper, ginger, lemon and – wait for it – maple syrup. When choosing a pear for baking, select a pear variety that is sweet, firm and crisp and non-gritty in texture, like Bosc, Forelle, Seckel or Comice.
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Poached Eggs, Morels & Asparagus with Meyer Lemon Sauce
While there are a few steps involved in making this dish, it’s not really that complicated. Broken down by components, each of which can be made separately and then quickly assembled just before serving, it’s actually pretty easy to make, even for novice cooks. While there is nothing we love more than fresh morel mushrooms, their relatively short season means that we can only enjoy them for a few weeks each year. Thankfully, dried morels reconstitute exceptionally well and make an excellent substitute for fresh in this dish, so we can enjoy them just about any time of the year.
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Buddha’s Hand Citron & Meyer Lemon Marmalade
This is simply one of the best marmalades we’ve ever tasted, and we’re not just saying that because we made it ourselves. Easy to make, it’s even easier to eat. Try it slathered on everything from toasted English Muffins to tender crepes to fresh-baked scones. It even makes a great last-second glaze for roasted poultry or pork. We’re sure you’ll find a thousand different ways to enjoy the unique flavor of the odd, but easy-to-love Buddha’s Hand.
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Poached Skate With Oregon Black Truffle Butter
Skate is surprisingly inexpensive and is often readily available in the frozen section of well-stocked Asian markets. With a tender texture and mild flavor, skate is an interesting fish that is well worth seeking out. There are many classic recipes which feature this member of the ray family. One method which works particularly well with skate is poaching. It’s faster and easier than you might expect. If you make your compound butter in advance, you’ve got dinner, start to finish, in under 30 minutes.
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