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Why Michigan Asparagus?


Michigan growers produce millions of top-quality pounds of asparagus annually, ranking only behind California and Washington in production. Michigan growers are experts at producing healthy, high-quality asparagus. Michigan is also home to one of the world’s best developed asparagus research programs, due to a continued close partnership between growers and Michigan State University.


Asparagus is good for you!

Five spears of asparagus provide 400 mg of potassium, three grams of fiber, 60% of the recommended folate, plus a significant amount of thiamin and vitamin B6. This same amount of asparagus contains only 20 calories, no fat or cholesterol and only five mg of sodium.


Asparagus FAQs


How do I cook asparagus?

Snap off the bottom and simmer, steam, microwave or stir fry fresh asparagus for 5 -8 minutes for a tender texture. Reduce cooking time by a minute or two for a crisper result.


Do I need to peel asparagus?

Fresh Michigan asparagus does not have to be peeled but some people prefer it that way. Use a potato or vegetable peeler to peel the skin from the stalk, especially towards the base.


Can asparagus be eaten raw?

Although most people prefer asparagus cooked in some way, it is perfectly safe to eat asparagus raw. Just rinse it well to remove any grit.


How do I pick the best asparagus?

Look for firm, fresh, spears with closed, compact tips and uniform diameter, so that all spears will cook in the same amount of time.


How should asparagus be stored?

Keep fresh asparagus clean, cold and covered. Trim the stem ends about 1/4 inch and rinse in cool water, then refrigerate in a plastic bag or container. To maintain optimum freshness, wrap a moist paper towel around bottom, or stand upright in two inches of cold water.




Bacon Wrapped Asparagus
Bacon and asparagus: What's not to like?
Guaranteed to be a smash hit with just about everyone (sorry, vegans), this has got to be one of the simplest recipes EVER. You'll want to make these for your next party, brunch, dinner - whatever occasion you have on your social calendar.

One suggestion: make at least twice as many as you think you'll need. These crisp & delicious bits of cured pork & tender asparagus will go faster than hotcakes at the county fair!
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Asparagus Benedict With Miso-Butter
This luscious dish is adapted from a recipe by New York chef David Chang. We've spun it into something a little more familiar to most of us - probably the most famous brunch dish of them all, Eggs Benedict. Our version replaces the usual Hollandaise sauce with an equally rich, equally tasty Miso Butter. Make this dish all your own by adding other ingredients - Canadian bacon or pancetta, smoked salmon or maybe even crab, lobster and/or truffles.
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Sole with Mushrooms & Asparagus
The real subtlety and great taste of this dish comes from the wild mushrooms. The taste is complex and intriguing...perfect to show off a nice wine you've been saving for a special occasion. This recipe is easy to make yet tastes like you slaved over a hot stove for a while...perfect for an impromptu romantic occasion.
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Morel & Asparagus Frittata with Ramps & Chevre
Congratulations to Allan Coyle of Lansing, Michigan for this winning recipe entry in our first ever Morel Recipe Contest!

Thanks, Allan, for sharing your recipe for Morel & Grilled Asparagus Frittata with Ramps & Chevre with all of us!
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Pasta with Morels and Asparagus
A delicious way to welcome Spring! The ease of preparation belies the gourmet flavors.
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Pasta with Morels, Ramps, Asparagus & Goat Cheese
This homage to Spring is adapted from one in Gourmet Magazine. For our version, we use ramps, which, when combined with the morels, give the sauce that characteristic "edge" that comes from using wild ingredients. A wild dish like this needs a robust red wine, something dry and rough that brings your palette wide awake.
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Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus with Sautéed Morels
This is an elegant luncheon dish or a perfect appetizer for a special occasion. The flavor of a fine quality prosciutto works wonderfully with asparagus, and the morels make the whole package completely irresistible.

The important thing to remember here is don't let your asparagus cook until it's soggy, which is practically a federal offense.
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Spring Stew
Honorable Mention, Earthy Delights 2009 Morel Recipe Contest
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Bricked Chicken with Chanterelles and Asparagus
This is a recipe best reserved for a day when you're in the mood to "fuss" a bit. Still, the orange juice and wine work well to dress up a chicken and make it into a truly memorable experience. The bricks help to hold the moisture in the chicken, and to flatten it for a unique presentation.
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Asparagus and Tuna Salad
Tuna salad like you've never had before. Good enough to serve at a formal or informal luncheon. The asparagus adds the extra crunch and flavor. The sun-dried tomatoes and Dijon vinaigrette made with aged Balsamic vinegar really lifts the tuna salad to new heights.
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Spring Green Salad
This is a fine quality salad with delicious, interesting, and subtle flavors. It departs from the norm and takes your taste buds into new territory! Keep everyone guessing about the sweet potato puree. It's a remarkably delicious garnish.
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