Fresh Michigan Balaton Tart Cherries - 3 lb
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Although Balaton cherries have grown for years in the towns and villages in Hungary, Dr. Amy Iezzoni of Michigan State University recently introduced this delicious cherry to the U.S.

The Balaton cherry is larger, plumper, and significantly more flavorful than the red tart cherries traditionally used in cherry pies. This combined with the Balaton cherry's deep, natural red pigment makes it a favorite for cooks and pastry-chefs alike. With Balaton cherries, you won't need to add red food coloring or as much sugar to your favorite pie recipe ever again!


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Spirited Cherry Chutney
Tangy cherry chutney is a great way to preserve your summer cherry harvest, especially if you have first infused them with vodka or brandy! If you haven't, don't worry - you can use fresh cherries or other stone fruit, like plums, apricots, peaches or nectarines. Just be aware that you'll have to cook the chutney longer to reduce the juicy fruit down to a thick, jam-like consistency.
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Fresh Cherry Tartlets
Using fresh cherries without cooking them really brings out their bright, summery flavor. When we can get them, we love to use Balaton cherries in this simple dessert. Balaton cherries have loads of tart cherry flavor, but are sweeter than other pie cherries, so they really don’t need any additional sugar. If you can’t find fresh Balaton cherries, use dark sweet cherries instead.
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Sweet Cherry Cordial
The fresh flavor of the sweet (or tart) cherries of summer are intensified & transformed into a deliciously intoxicating beverage in this simple recipe for cherry cordial.

Fruit cordials (or liqueurs) are alcoholic beverages that are wonderful sipped straight, mixed into cocktails or lightened with a splash of sparkling water. Often additionally flavored with spices or citrus, we opted for a simpler preparation that yields a cleaner, brighter cherry flavor.

This recipe uses sweet cherries and vodka; nothing else. You could use tart cherries for a tangier flavor (additional sugar optional), or brandy instead of vodka, but you'll enjoy the results with any of these variations.

Use whole, unpitted cherries to add a pleasant hint of bitterness and a delicate almond flavor, or if you prefer, you can remove the pits from some or all of the cherries.

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Michigan Cherry Cobbler
There are as many cobbler recipes out there as there are good cooks. We think this one is easy to make and twice as easy to eat.
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Michigan Cherry Mousse
Many experienced cooks are intimidated by the thought of making a mousse from scratch, but they shouldn't be - it's easy! The trick is to whip both the cream AND the egg whites to the correct consistency - just stiff enough to form "peaks" that hold their shape. With a little practice, you'll be able to reproduce the same results every time. This recipe uses a few choice ingredients to show off the incredible flavor of tree-ripened Michigan Cherries. Use good quality farm-fresh eggs and real cream for the best results.

Each bite of this wonderful concoction will evoke memories of summers by the lakeshore - too good to be missed!

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