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Fresh Midwest Blonde Morel Mushrooms - per lb
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Our Midwest Blonde Morels are moist in texture and consist of mixed blondes & greys (as pictured). They have a wonderful intoxicating aroma & flavor that is like no other.

Blonde Morels, also known as sponge mushrooms, yellow morels, white morels etc, possess a honeycombed, hollow, cone-shaped cap ranging in size from 2 to 4 inches high (and often much larger).

Blonde morels vary in color from a rich tan to pale golden yellow and are found in both conifer and hardwood forests. This highly-prized wild mushroom ranges from the Pacific Northwest across to the Eastern Woodlands, but is best known from the lower Midwest up through the Great Lakes region, with scattered harvests from late spring into early Summer.

Esteemed by mushroom lovers, blonde morel mushrooms are renowned for their exceptional flavor and unusual texture.

An important note regarding availability:


Fresh morels are a wild-harvested mushroom of limited availability and the demand is high.  While we always do our best to accommodate your delivery requests, please be prepared for possible delays. If you need your morels by a specific date, please give us a call Monday - Friday at (855) 328-8732.

Please remember:


We can't hurry Mother Nature! Supplies of wild-harvested morel mushrooms are frequently limited.


While we'll do our best to honor requested delivery dates, as always, morels are available on a first come, first serve basis and orders are fulfilled in the order in which they were received.



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