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Fresh Oregon White Truffles - 3 oz

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Oregon White Truffles (Tuber gibbosum and oregonense) are rather different from European White truffles. Both are members of the same scientific genus, tuber, but after that, the similarity ends. Oregon White truffles are often said to have aromas of butter and fresh-roasted hazelnuts with fruity, herbal notes - and maybe a little bit of garlic. 

Fresh Truffles are shipped packed in rice which will become infused with truffle flavor and aroma. We recommend using it in your favorite risotto recipe.

Store fresh truffles in the refrigerator in the rice in which they were shipped. Fresh truffles are best used within approximately one week after they arrive.

3 oz fresh truffles


Truffled Potatoes
This is a dish that is both beautiful and delectable. The potato flavors are intensified by fresh truffles and softened by the cream. It's a dream of a dish - or a dish dreams are made of!
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Sautéed Chicken Breasts with White Truffles
An easy preparation that belies its elegant flavor. Deglazed with white wine, dressed with a tender, succulent slice of ham, then topped off with truffles. This recipe is adapted from one by Mario Batali, who knows how to treat a chicken.
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Truffled Lobster, White Corn Pancakes & Baby Beets
An elegant extravaganza of tastes and textures. The extra work is well worth the end result. Perfect if you want to impress or for a romantic or special occasion.

Wonderful as lobsters taste served with plain melted butter, they shine when accompanied by these amazingly flavorful ingredients. Beets, you ask? They seem to be a perfect marriage! Truffles can only enhance what is there as well.

This recipe is adapted from one by the great Bobby Flay. Makes four outrageously decadent servings.
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White Truffle and Chervil Risotto
A classic risotto recipe with the addition of chervil, an aromatic herb with an elusive anise flavor. It pairs rather nicely with earthy taste of truffles.
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Truffled Bourbon
If you ever use a recipe that calls for bourbon, instead of ordinary bourbon, use "truffled" bourbon for a heady, mysterious flavor that is difficult to describe but wonderful to experience.

You can then use the truffles in any of your favorite recipes.
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Truffle Butter
A simple recipe that packs a punch! This versatile truffle butter can be used in numerous recipes to add that special magic. Freezes well.
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Truffled Custard
Eggs and truffles have a particular affinity for one another. This elegant dish makes a wonderful first course for a fancy dinner when you want to show off a little. The rich, smooth custard makes a perfect backdrop for the earthy flavor of fresh truffles.

Note: To get the most flavor out of your precious truffles, always use a sharp truffle shaver or mandolin to cut the truffle into paper-thin slices, just before serving.
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