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Fresh Origins Herb Mini Crystals Basil - 6 oz
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The folks at Fresh Origins grow and harvest the highest potency, most flavorful fresh Basil leaves which are combined with sugar to lock in that just-picked Basil flavor and fantastic green color. These spectacular flavor crystals have an amazing texture with a concentrated fresh Basil taste than cannot be duplicated.


Fresh Origins Basil Mini Crystals are great for rimming drinks and creative cocktails.  Their savory and sweet flavor also pairs well with strawberry and lemon drinks.


The crispy, crunchy texture and delicious sweet Basil flavor also combines beautifully with a multitude of foods. Try Fresh Origins Herb Mini Crystals Basil on everything from desserts, fresh fruit, salads, savory dishes and beverages. They pair wonderfully with tomatoes, cheese & pastas!


6 oz

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Smoky Roasted Potatoes With Herb Butter
Roasting potatoes really brings out their best qualities. Adding a hint of smoky olive oil and a finishing touch of herb-laced butter makes them even better.
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Crispy Bottomed Basmati Rice with Lentils
This dish is versatile because the flavors are mild. It blends very well with more intensely flavored dishes, such as fish entrees, vegetable dishes, barbecue, poultry, and meat. It is especially delicious with lamb. It tastes good the next day, chilled.
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Lobster, Chanterelle, Corn & Bacon Salad
The combination of the bacon, the lobster, and the chanterelles is a wonderful and complex taste experience. A salad for a formal occasion, or because you love someone!
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Pasta and Beans
Another excellent wintertime dish. When springtime flowers and nesting birds seem like nothing more than a distant memory, this is the sort of dish that makes winter seem worthwhile. Big bowls of this dish, heaping with meat, vegetables, and pasta, are even more delicious when the weather is cold and the wind blows. This makes about eight servings, depending on your appetite.
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