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Fresh Origins Herb Mini Crystals Fennel - 6 oz
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Golden-yellow Fresh Origins Fennel Mini Crystals provide a concentrated blast of sweet anise flavor that is truly delicious!


Great for rimming exotic drinks & creative cocktails, this beautiful new ingredient also pairs fabulously with seafood like seared scallops or salmon. Brighten up a salad with great texture and flavor. Sprinkle Fresh Origins Fennel Mini Crystals on desserts to add color, crunch and an extra layer of flavor in a completely new way. Unique & crunchy topping for ceviche.


This special Fennel Sugar® is Fresh Origin's most flavorful crystal of them all.


6 oz

Product of USA


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Smoky Roasted Potatoes With Herb Butter
Roasting potatoes really brings out their best qualities. Adding a hint of smoky olive oil and a finishing touch of herb-laced butter makes them even better.
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Patricia's Apricot Nut Torte
This cake is deliciously dense and moist. It's a show-stopper when baked in a spring-form pan, removed, and served on a wide platter. Do you have flowers in your garden? A small cluster of impatiens, cosmos or violas look lovely in a small triangle on top of the cake.
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Pawpaw Cookies with Fennel Pollen
Well-ripened pawpaws have a rich, tropical fruity flavor that is reminiscent of anise. A special blend of fennel pollen and sweet spices enhances the pawpaw flavor to make this a truly unusual - and delicious - spice cookie.

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Salmon, Potato and Sea Bean Tart
Fresh ingredients from both sea and land are united in this unusual, but satisfying recipe. Sea beans, with their fresh, briny flavor, firm yet delicate wild-caught salmon and creamy fingerling potatoes are enveloped in crisp phyllo pastry. A sprinkling of brightly flavored dill pollen ties it all together!
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