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Fresh Origins Herb Mini Crystals Mint - 6 oz
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Fresh Origins Mint Mini Crystals offer a new and exciting way to showcase the fresh, lively flavor of mint.


These bright green crystals are bursting with minty freshness and have a fantastic crunch. Use these in place of that tired sprig of mint on any kind of dessert plate. Add to fresh berries, or chocolate mousse, add some flair to cheesecake, sprinkle on ice cream. Add texture to sorbets. Put inside chocolate ganache truffles or use as an exciting & unexpected topping for donuts & other pastries.


Toss into a cocktail for a dazzling green color at the bottom of the glass that will be anticipated, then savored in the last sip. The ideal glass rimmer for signature mojitos!


6 oz

Product of USA



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Strawberries with Balsamic Cream and Mint
These days, even in the middle of winter, the stores seem to be filled with large, beautiful strawberries. Let a little summer sunshine into your life with this simple, refreshing preparation. Delicious over ice cream or shortcake. It's so versatile, use it on custard or muffins.
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Fire-Roasted Carrots with Mint & Balsamic Cream
Is it just our imagination, or did the fresh mint somehow tease out even more of the complex notes from the balsamic cream? There’s only one way to find out. Make this simple, yet enormously flavorful recipe yourself.
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Michigan Mojito
The Mojito, a cocktail with roots in pre-Castro Cuba, has recently become popular again. The classic version, made with white rum, is definitely a cool and refreshing summer drink. We wanted to experiment with a version suited to our chillier northern climate here in Michigan. After much experimentation, here's what we came up with. Boy, was that fun!

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Orange, Pine Nuts, and Raisin Bulgur Salad
A delicious, exotic, refreshing salad made with "couscous" and flavored with citrus, raisins and pine nuts. For a change, you can substitute the raisins with dried cherries or dried blueberries, or try all three at once! Colorful and pleasant to eat.

This recipe is adapted from one in Gourmet Magazine.
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