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Fresh Pawpaws

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If you've never tried a pawpaw, you'll be amazed by their incredible tropical fruit flavor & creamy texture.

What does a fresh pawpaw taste like?
The taste of the pawpaw is difficult to describe, complicated by the fact that different cultivars (over 40 and counting!) have distinctly different flavors.The pawpaw's soft custard-like flesh has a complex tropical fruit flavor, often described as a combination of mango, pineapple, and banana with notes of vanilla and spice.

While there are many recipes for pawpaw cakes, cookies, pies and puddings, many pawpaw fans insist that the only way to eat a pawpaw is fresh & fully ripened - when the skin is nearly black and the flesh is soft & custardy.


It's true that many of the key components of pawpaw flavor are highly volatile and can be lost during the cooking process. Most savvy cooks agree that the most successful pawpaw recipes usually involve little or no cooking.  (See our recipe for "Pawpaw Mousse")


The season for pawpaws is very short, lasting only for a few weeks in the late summer. Fresh pawpaws cannot be stored for long periods, so we must enjoy them while they are in their brief season. Fully ripe pawpaws last only a few days at room temperature, but can be successfully kept for a week or more in the refrigerator. For maximum flavor, allow the fruit to finish ripening at room temperature for 2 to 3 days before using. Never eat the skin or seeds.


Pawpaw Chiffon Pie
This old-fashioned dessert is so delicate, you could probably cut it with a feather! But use a fork - you won't want to miss one delicious crumb.

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Pawpaw Cookies with Fennel Pollen
Well-ripened pawpaws have a rich, tropical fruity flavor that is reminiscent of anise. A special blend of fennel pollen and sweet spices enhances the pawpaw flavor to make this a truly unusual - and delicious - spice cookie.

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Pawpaw Custard
Fresh pawpaws are so custardy-good on their own, that it just plain makes sense to add eggs and make a real custard! Grated coconut adds texture and turns this dessert into a tropical dream.

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Pawpaw-Champagne Sabayon
Light and airy, this rich mousse-like dessert is brimming with the deliciously tropical flavor of fresh pawpaws.

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