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Sea Beans grow wild all over coastal North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Sometimes called "poor man's asparagus",  sea beans are not seaweed, as it is often mistakenly described, nor is it a bean, which it slightly resembles.  Sea Beans are the small, fleshy stems and branches of salt-tolerant and salty seacoast plants in the genus Salicornia, which is in the beet family. 
Sea Beans can be eaten raw or cooked, with a flavor that can best be described as intensely salty, with a fresh asparagus-like aftertaste. When fresh, Sea Beans are crisp and crunchy like snap peas and can be eaten raw or briefly blanched, giving them a fresh, briny flavor. If slightly wilted, sea beans can be refreshed with a brief plunge in ice water. 
Sea Beans naturally go great with all kinds of seafood, as they intensify the sea aroma. Use Sea Beans in summer salads, in stir frys, and tempura battered (yes!) Sea Beans also make a great stand-in for green and yellow wax beans. 


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Salmon, Potato and Sea Bean Tart
Fresh ingredients from both sea and land are united in this unusual, but satisfying recipe. Sea beans, with their fresh, briny flavor, firm yet delicate wild-caught salmon and creamy fingerling potatoes are enveloped in crisp phyllo pastry. A sprinkling of brightly flavored dill pollen ties it all together!
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Salmon with Sea Beans & Soba Noodles in Lobster Broth
The taste of Sea Beans is quite mild, somewhat resembling that of asparagus or green beans, but their most distinctive trait is their crisp, almost crunchy texture and refreshing briny flavor. The first impression one gets when biting into sea beans is an intense burst of saltiness that fades quickly into a pleasantly tangy finish. After a brief blanching in boiling water, sea beans can be sauteed or used in a stir fry, just like green beans or asparagus.
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