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Seckel pears have a sweet, delicate flavor with crisp, firm flesh. Milder in flavor than many other pears, the Seckel is best paired with foods that don't overpower it.


Petite little Seckel pears are cute, about 3 inches long and 2 inches wide. The smooth olive green skin may sport a red blush over much of the entire fruit. As it ripens, the skin loses its glossiness and the red darkens.


Storing Seckel pears:

Keep Seckel pears in the coldest part of the fridge where they will keep for up to a week, depending on how ripe they were when purchased.


Seckel pears are best when eaten on the firm side. Ripen the pears at room temperature for a day or two, but once once ripe, they should be eaten at once.


Serving hints:

Seckel pears are wonderful when poached, baked or simply fresh eaten out of hand. Try them with chocolate or mild, nutty cheeses, roasted and served with meats, or poached with white wine, honey and spices for dessert.



Seckel pears are available from mid-September into December.



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