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Sometimes called the "Queen of the Forest," the chanterelle mushroom has also been referred to as "the other mushroom", coming in at second place behind the much beloved and better-known morel.

But even though the morel mushroom is probably the most widely known of the wild mushrooms, it is the Chanterelle mushroom which many of the world's great chefs prize above all others.

The Chanterelle is a distinctively trumpet-shaped wild mushroom with a color that ranges from vibrant yellow to deep orange. Found in the wild throughout the world, Chanterelles have never yet been successfully cultivated.

Wherever they are found, they are prized for their superb flavor and fruity aroma, said to be reminiscent of apricots. Though mild, Chanterelles have a slight peppery edge which holds its own against other ingredients in soups, stews and other main courses.

While tender, the texture of the Chanterelle is firm and not crumbly, standing up well in sauces, stir-frys and sautéed dishes. Their fragrant aroma, fine flavor and pleasing texture make them one of the most versatile of all mushrooms and have earned them a well-deserved place in kitchens around the world.




Pan-fried Trout with Chanterelle Mushrooms
The sweet, mild flavors of both rainbow trout and chanterelle mushrooms are a natural combination. Combining fresh and dried mushrooms is a neat trick that adds a big boost of flavor. Sure, you can buy mushroom powder, but it's not that hard to make it yourself.

If fresh chanterelles are out of season or otherwise unavailable, substitute fresh hedgehogs or other fresh mushrooms.
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Green Beans with Chanterelles
In this recipe, the delicate flavors of fragrant chanterelle mushrooms and tender, young green beans are well-matched. Toasted hazelnuts and a splash of dry sherry add a mellow, nutty note.
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Roasted Cauliflower and Chanterelle Mushrooms
The woodsy flavor of fresh chanterelle mushrooms becomes deep & rich when roasted in the oven with cauliflower. Add a generous handful of garlic and sliced onion, along with a splash of olive oil and lemon juice, to bring out every bit of flavor.

Don't have fresh chanterelles handy? Use any fresh mushroom (or combination of fresh mushrooms), including trumpet royale, Hen of the Woods, cremini or even white buttons.

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Rustic Wild Mushroom Tart
Fresh chanterelles are used in this recipe, but you can use any combination of fresh wild mushrooms. If you absolutely cannot find or buy wild mushrooms, by all means, use good quality cultivated mushrooms like shiitake, oyster or cremini mushrooms. Just keep in mind that cultivated mushrooms will not have the intense flavor and earthy aroma that only wild mushrooms possess.
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