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Fresh Western Dark Morel Mushrooms - per lb

Fresh Western Dark Morel Mushrooms - per lb
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Fresh Midwest Blonde Morel Mushrooms - per lb

Fresh Midwest Blonde Morel Mushrooms - per lb
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The Art of Cooking Morels

The Art of Cooking Morels
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Fresh Western Dark Morel Mushrooms - per lb

Item #: MFM301
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These are the morel mushrooms that many  morel lovers know best. Dark "natural" morels have a deeper, more intense morel flavor than blonde morels and are preferred by many morel lovers.  The morel's taste makes it the most sought after wild mushroom after the truffle.
The beloved morel mushroom is also known by many names around the world, such as Morille, Morchel, Spugnola gialla, Smardz jadalny.The wild morel mushroom fruits in early spring. Warm gentle rains encourage their growth, but hot, dry weather inhibits it.


* An important note regarding availability:


Fresh morels are a wild-harvested mushroom of limited availability and the demand is high.  While we always do our best to accommodate your delivery requests, please be prepared for possible delays. If you need your morels by a specific date, please give us a call Monday - Friday at (855) 328-8732.

Please remember:


We can't hurry Mother Nature! Supplies of wild-harvested morel mushrooms are frequently limited.


While we'll do our best to honor requested delivery dates, as always, morels are available on a first come, first serve basis and orders are fulfilled in the order in which they were received.



Morel 'Poppers'
Practically everyone has heard of 'poppers' - tasty little cheese-filled peppers that can pack a wallop of heat. It's a fact - they make great party food or appetizers and are as addictive as potato chips.

Since fresh morel mushrooms are in season, we thought, "Why not try a little variation on on the "popper" theme using morels?"

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Roast Chicken with Thyme and Morel-Madeira Gravy
Madeira and wild leeks (ramps) combine deliciously with chicken in this basic, straightforward dish. Easy to make and easier to eat. For an elegant version, serve with wild rice, for more rustic appeal, serve with mashed potatoes.
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Wild Morels Sautéed with Chicken Breasts
The secret with this recipe is, it has few ingredients, but they are of the finest of quality. It can be made quickly...perfect for unexpected guests, or when time is of the essence.

You can dress it up by serving it with risotto and a sprinkle of truffle oil, or you can turn it into a hearty "comfort food" by serving it with garlic mashed potatoes.
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Deep Fried Morels
This is one of my favorite ways to eat morels. It's easy, it's foolproof, and it's a big favorite with just about everyone.

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