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Used as an important food source since ancient times, green peas have become known as English peas because of the many varieties developed in England.


English peas are easily recognized by their large grass-green, pod which encloses the round peas inside. While the pods themselves are not edible, the sweet, delicious peas may be eaten fresh, cooked or dried.


English peas are second only to lima beans as a source of vegetable protein. A three-fourths cup serving contains about 100 calories and more protein than a tablespoon of peanut butter or a whole egg, and less than one-half gram of fat.


Cooking ideas:

Fresh English peas are sweet and tender enough to be eaten raw but may also be prepared cooked. Blanch fresh peas briefly, then drain and process with cilantro, garlic and parmesan into a spread for sandwiches or dip. Blanch and drain fresh peas the mash with a fork, stir in chopped mint and grated pecorino then spread on crostini. Toss fresh peas with baby lettuce, vinagrette, radishes, chopped walnuts and goat cheese for a spring salad. Cook diced onion, potato and peas in vegetable stock, then puree into soup and serve topped with fresh mint. To store, wrap unwashed pea pods in a perforated plastic bag and refrigerate. For optimum quality and taste, use English peas within two to three days of purchase. Shelled English peas may be frozen, but they will lose their crisp texture.




Risi e Bisi alla Menta (Rice with Peas & Mint)
This is delicious Italian comfort food at it's freshest and simplest. Traditionally served each spring, Risi e Bisi (Rice with Peas) is enjoyed by young and old alike. The delicate flavor of the peas is not masked by the mild, nuttiness of the Arborio rice and their tender textures pair beautifully as well. Savory, light and absolutely delicious, this dish is best when made with freshly shelled peas, but can be made very successfully with frozen petite peas too. The fresh mint adds an unexpectedly lively, spring-like note.

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Mushroom and Pea Quinoa Risotto
This is a wonderful dish for any season, and is an elegant accompaniment for any hearty meal. It can also hold its own as the main course for a vegetarian dinner, and goes marvelously with tossed greens. To add a touch of the exotic, more than a touch of "mystery," and a fabulously delicious flavor, serve with a simple salad, tossing the greens with vinegar and tasty roasted pumpkin seed oil.
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Bamboo Rice Risotto
This is not really a risotto in the traditional sense - in fact, it's much easier to make than the usual risotto that requires many minutes of stirring and ladling of hot broth.

Instead, this recipe focuses on the mild, pleasantly grassy flavor and color of bamboo rice, an intriguing rice that is infused with the juice of bamboo leaves. A short grain Asian rice that is slightly sticky when cooked, Bamboo rice is well-suited for sushi, creamy risotto-like dishes and rice-based desserts like rice pudding.

Before cooking, bamboo rice is a striking deep jade green. However, while the color fades to a pearly celadon hue when it is cooked, the subtle herbal character of the bamboo still remains.

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Wild Mushroom & Chicken Pot Pie
Pot pies are one of those secret guilty pleasures that we’ve all indulged in. I’m referring, of course, to those frozen blocks in the little foil pans from the supermarket freezer case. You don’t have to feel guilty about this pot pie though. Made entirely from scratch, it’s chock full of good, wholesome ingredients, most of which you probably already have in your fridge. It’s likely that the only ingredient you’ll need to buy specially for this recipe are the fresh mushrooms, unless you’re lucky enough to find some wild mushrooms yourself.
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