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For centuries, the fava bean has been a staple of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines. In more recent years, American cooks have enthusiastically embraced the fava and have adapted its fresh, nutty flavor to many popular spring dishes.


Basic preparation:

Remove beans from their pods. Cook in boiling water for 1 minute. Drain and plunge beans into ice water; drain. Remove tough outer skins from beans by pinching outer skin between your thumb and forefinger; discard skins. The beans are ready to use in any recipe.



Fava and Wild Mushroom Crostini
Fava beans and wild mushrooms are the perfect combination of field and forest, both delicately sweet and robustly earthy at the same time. This is some of the best that the spring season has to offer, flavors so good and so satisfying that it’s worth a little extra effort.

These elegant crostini are perfect for a casual dinner party. They’re actually very easy to prepare and to make things even simpler, we’ve broken the recipe down into three parts: the favas, the mushrooms and the bread. Each component can be easily prepared in advance and quickly assembled just before serving.
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Spring Green Salad
This is a fine quality salad with delicious, interesting, and subtle flavors. It departs from the norm and takes your taste buds into new territory! Keep everyone guessing about the sweet potato puree. It's a remarkably delicious garnish.
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