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The yellowfoot mushroom is a delicate and petite, vase-shaped wild mushroom with flavors and aromas that are equally delicate and faintly fruity. The cap of the yellowfoot is connected to the stem via wave-like, gilled ridges that run partially into the stem. Its colors are burnt orange to saffron yellow throughout the entire mushroom, though its coloring fades as it matures. It is thin-skinned with a soft and moist flesh, unlike its thick, meaty cousin, the chanterelle. Most yellowfoot mushrooms are harvested between one and three inches in length, although they can occasionally grow larger.


Yellowfoot mushrooms are exceptionally good eating and are complemented by Mediterranean herbs and spices including sage, rosemary, tarragon and thyme. Sauté with bacon, eggs, chicken, steak and potatoes; season with salt, pepper and other spices as desired.


To clean, brush with a mushroom brush or paper towel; remove debris from the funnel. To store, refrigerate unwashed mushrooms in a paper bag or lay between damp paper towels. Never store yellowfoot mushrooms in a closed plastic bag.





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Mushroom Casserole
This recipe makes an unusual side dish, or an excellent vegetarian main course. It's rich and creamy, with simple seasonings that don't interfere with the wonderful taste of the mushrooms.
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Chestnut Bisque with Fresh Wild Mushrooms
A hot soup like this served with good bread, a cheese board, fresh fruit, and tossed greens can make an elegant dinner, particularly when there's some candlelight and soft music. This is soup to dress up for.
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Risotto with Gorgonzola and Wild Mushrooms
The Gorgonzola cheese and fresh, wild mushrooms turn this risotto into an unforgettable dish which is rich, cheesy and very comforting.
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Grilled Salmon with Wild Mushrooms
It's not surprising that salmon pairs beautifully with wild mushrooms, fresh from the forest floor. But if you don't have access to wild mushrooms, cultivated mushrooms make a fine substitute.
You'll find the dressing to be so delicious, you'll want to use it in other recipes.
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