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Fresh Ramps (Wild Leeks) - per lb
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Ramps appear first in their southern range in late March. The season finally ends in the far north in early-to-mid June.

Fresh Ramps and Wild Leeks have a bold, spicy flavor, like a combination of onions and garlic and make an exciting statement no matter how you use them.

The folk medicine reputation which holds both Ramps and Wild Leeks to be powerful healers turns out to be well deserved. They are high in Vitamins C and A, and full of healthful minerals and have the same cholesterol-reducing compounds found in garlic and other members of this family.

Lest the reputation for excessive stinking scare you away from trying them, you should know that Earthy Delights sells Ramps and Wild Leeks (both) to some of the finest restaurants in America. No complaints about too much stink yet!

Claim your share of the Spring Wild Harvest!


Please note: Supplies are frequently limited, so wild foods like fresh ramps/wild lees are available on a first come, first serve basis only. As always, orders will be fulfilled & shipped in the order in which they were received.


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Pan-Seared Salmon with Green Almond Relish & Spring Herbs
Our recipe combines traditional methods and ingredients with some new elements to create a refreshing topping for pan-seared or grilled fish. Crisp slices of green almond, tart capers, pungent wild leeks, fresh herbs and bright lemon are melded together with buttery avocado oil to create a light, healthful “relish” or salsa that is delightfully delicious. It’s going to be a regular on our menu whenever fresh green almonds are in season.
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Ramp Risotto with Blue Cheese
Our ramp risotto captures the freshness of spring by using the two parts of the plant – the bulb with stem and the green leafy tops – differently. The pungent bulb, with its distinctive flavor and potent garlicky bite, goes in early in the cooking process. The long, slow simmering tames the sharpness and infuses that unique ramp flavor throughout the risotto. The ramp greens which have previously been blanched and pureed, are stirred in near the end of the cooking process to preserve both their vivid color and fresh flavor. Lastly, a crumble of tangy blue cheese tops the warm risotto – a perfect accent to the rich, earthy flavors of the ramps and creamy texture of the rice.
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Steamed Artichokes with Ramp Aioli
Fresh artichokes are available for much of the year, but it’s spring, so we’ve paired them with a special dipping sauce made from one of the season’s most delicious wild offerings – fresh ramps, also known as wild leeks. The fresh, wild flavor of ramps is the perfect match to the sweetness of the artichoke, making it one of our favorite dishes this time of year.
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Cod a l’Anglaise with Ramp Butter
One of our favorite ways to spread the flavor of ramps across a wide array of dishes is by the use of a ramp-infused compound butter. It’s easy to make, even easier to use and keeps for weeks in the refrigerator (months, in the freezer). Ramp butter’s amazing flavor is wonderful when smeared on breads and biscuits or dolloped on potatoes and pasta, but it makes an even better sauce as it melts over crisp-fried fish fillets prepared à l’anglaise. True to the definition of the phrase “à l’anglaise,” this is a dish made simply and presented with a sauce of melted butter. We say “simply wonderful.”
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Ramp Vichysoisse with Crisp-fried Ramp Greens
Vichysoisse is undeniably delicious and has achieved the status of a true American culinary classic. Our recipe differs from the original in several ways. Most significantly, it uses ramps(Allium tricoccum), also known as wild leeks, instead of the usual thick-stemmed cultivated leeks, which imparts an entirely different character to the soup. We’ve also skipped the heavy cream, using only milk and chicken stock, which makes this refreshing soup lighter and far lower in calories. Lastly, our version is topped with crisp-fried ramp greens, adding a burst of interesting texture and intense ramp flavor.
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Pickled Ramps
Each stage of the ramp’s growth has its own special qualities which are particularly suited to different preparations – but all are delicious. Whether you know it best as the ramp or the wild leek, we heartily encourage you to enjoy & experiment with the wonderful flavor of this humble, yet highly esteemed plant and to support the responsible harvest of a time-honored wild food.
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Ramp Aioli
Aioli is essentially a garlicky mayonnaise that is a traditional sauce and spread in the Provencal region of France. Our version incorporates a North American native, the wild ramp (or wild leek), in place of the garlic. The resulting mixture with rich flavors of egg, olive oil and pungent ramps, bears little resemblence to commercial mayonnaise. The small amount of effort required is amply rewarded by the luxurious taste & feel of a classic condiment, updated for our enjoyment.
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Buttermilk Ramp Biscuits
Nothing says "Country Breakfast" like fresh, hot buttermilk biscuits. As long as we're making real biscuits from scratch, why not go all the way and add some tangy ramps and crisp bits of smoked hog jowl? There is really nothing hard about making biscuits. With a little bit of practice, you can whip up a batch in 15 minutes or less (plus baking time, of course). You'll have just enough time to brew up a pot of coffee before they're ready.

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Ramps with Bacon and Hard-Cooked Eggs
Fast and easy appetizer or side dish elevated to gourmet status! Ramps and artisinal bacon, go together like a wine and cheese!
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Sautéed Ramps with Apple Smoked Bacon
In Appalachia, where they are highly revered, ramps are often fried with "taters" in bacon grease or scrambled with eggs and are usually served with bacon, beans, coleslaw and cornbread. But there are literally hundreds of ways to cook ramps and many recipes are easily adapted to accommodate the powerful flavor and aroma of this wild member of the onion family.

This recipe makes four servings - less, if you're a real ramp fanatic.
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