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Fresh Summer Truffles - 3 oz

Fresh Summer Truffles - 3 oz
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Fresh Burgundy Truffles - 3 oz

Fresh Burgundy Truffles - 3 oz
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Truffle Shaver - Stainless Steel

Truffle Shaver - Stainless Steel
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Frozen Black Chinese Truffles - 4 oz

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Black Truffles from sub-Himalayan Asia (T. indicum, T. sinensis or T. himalayensis) are commonly known as "Chinese Truffles".

While Chinese truffles are less pungent than the European truffle, they can still be a good - and affordable - choice for truffle lovers on a budget.

The overall quality of Chinese truffles has improved enormously in recent years and many experienced truffle lovers have become fans of this less expensive member of the truffle family.

Very similar in appearance and flavor to the European Summer Truffle (t. aestivum) and the Burgundy Truffle (t. uncinatum), the Chinese truffle is worthy of consideration and should not to be dismissed as inferior.

Frozen Truffles retain much of their flavor, but may suffer some loss of fresh truffle texture. Frozen Truffles are still an excellent choice for enjoying truffle flavor when fresh truffles are out of season.

4 oz Imported.


Veal with Eggplant, Truffles & Oyster Sauce
Eggplant and oyster sauce are frequently featured together in many Asian recipes. Since the slightly sweet, mild flavor and tender texture of veal and eggplant seem to go together naturally, we couldn't help but combine them and then take things a step further by adding a little truffle to the mix.

By the way, this version of "East meets West" just happens to be utterly delicious.
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Angel Hair Pasta with Black Truffles
There is nothing quite like a fresh truffle. It has a wild, earthy flavor which is at its best when seasoned sparingly and served with neutral flavors. Truffles are rare. For this reason, too, they bring something exotic and special to your table. This recipe is adapted from one by Emeril Lagasse. The secret to it is very simple seasonings.
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Truffled Eggs
The intense aroma and flavor of fresh truffles is easily absorbed through the semi-permeable eggshells, infusing fresh eggs with truffle flavor.
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Black Truffle Frittata
The mild flavor of eggs is particularly suited to show off the subtle nuances of truffles of all kinds.

This recipe makes one simple three-egg omelet, but you can feel free to experiment by adding other ingredients to your frittata.

The result will always be improved by the addition of a little more truffle. Be sure and take the time to truly savor it!
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