Frozen Black Winter Truffles - 4 oz
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Black Truffles (tuber melanosporum) have been prized for centuries. With a black exterior and grey colored flesh, they have a delicate but distinctive aroma. Harvested from November to March, black truffles are typically used in pasta sauces, eggs, potatoes, rice or meat dishes.

Frozen Truffles retain much of their flavor, but may suffer some loss of fresh truffle texture. Frozen Truffles are still an excellent choice for enjoying truffle flavor when fresh truffles are out of season.

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Pinot Noir, Chanterelle, and Fresh Truffle Sauce
This sauce is wonderful in very small quantities drizzled over a tenderloin steak that's been cooked until rare over a charcoal fire. By taking the small amount of time necessary to prepare this sauce, you can transform an ordinary steak dinner into an elegant gourmet experience.
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Black Truffle Frittata
The mild flavor of eggs is particularly suited to show off the subtle nuances of truffles of all kinds.

This recipe makes one simple three-egg omelet, but you can feel free to experiment by adding other ingredients to your frittata.

The result will always be improved by the addition of a little more truffle. Be sure and take the time to truly savor it!
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Pasta with Black Truffles, Olive Oil and Basil
Truffles, though humble in appearance, are larger than life when it comes to flavor. If you want to make a lasting impression, try a main course containing truffles. On top of the mystique and "presence" of the truffles, they truly do have a remarkable and unforgettable flavor.
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Black Truffle Sauce
A wonderful truffle sauce to serve over vegetables, potatoes, meat and even some fish dishes. Experiment and enjoy!
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