Frozen Huckleberries - 5 lb
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The wild huckleberry is a tasty relative of the blueberry, but it's much more elusive.

Now you can enoy the wild flavor of huckleberries (Vaccinium membranaceum) any time of the year!  Our frozen huckleberris look like a blueberry, but are smaller, darker and shinier.  Huckleberries have their own special flavor that is different fom blud tastes a whole lot different - tarter, sweeter, juicier and much more intense.

Frozen huckleberries are perfect for use in jams, syrups or preserves, or in pies, pastries and sauces.

Product of the US Pacific Northwest
5 lb


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Brie Baked in Puff Pastry
Try this out at your next dinner party and listen to the oohs & aahs!

Brie baked in buttery puff pastry makes a spectacular presentation (and tastes even better than it looks), but it's remarkably easy to prepare.

While wonderful with a simple accompaniment of fresh fruit, nuts or veggies, you can dress it up even more by topping the brie with your favorite preserves, tapenade or mushroom duxelle before encasing it in the flaky puff pastry shell.

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Venison with Currants and Chanterelles
This recipe calls for some wonderful wild flavors that sing Autumn. The mushrooms, venison, currants, and the red wine blend perfectly to create a dish with a distinctive wild edge. If you want a slightly sweeter sauce, substitute the fresh currants for 1 cup of lingonberry jelly, or wild autumn berry preserves.
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