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Frozen Michigan Chestnuts - 1 lb
Item #: FZC203
Our Price: $16.00
155 units available



Please note: Due to increased shipping costs, all shipments containing frozen products are subject to a $10 surcharge. 


Frozen peeled Michigan-grown chestnuts are available year round!

Raw chestnuts do not need to be cooked to be eaten, but when cooked become tender and sweeter. Frozen chestnuts may be placed directly into boiling water, but should be thawed before baking or roasting.


Product of Michigan

1 bag vacuum sealed bag








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Mushroom Bread Pudding
This is another one of those wonderfully hearty side dishes that can double as a main vegetarian course. This recipe will yield 20 small puddings, so cut the recipe in half if you don't have a crowd.
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Chestnuts Simmered in Butter
The basic recipe for cooking and peeling chestnuts. A springboard to other delicious dishes. A must in every cook's repertoire.
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Chestnuts and Brussels Sprouts
This is a variation on a classic Italian recipe, although they like to roast them. Boiling them produces a softer chestnut that goes well with the Brussels sprouts. Chestnuts go very well with pork, turkey and goose.

Using ready-to-eat chestnuts, cuts the cooking time significantly, which allows you to have this on the table quickly.
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Red Cabbage with Chestnuts
The sweet, earthy flavors of cabbage and chestnuts make this the perfect accompaniment to a fall meal. This classic of European cookery is updated for preparation in the microwave, speeding cooking time while preserving flavor & nutrients.
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Velvet Chestnut Pie
Velvety Chestnut Pie is a delicious and creamy way to feature chestnuts on your holiday dessert table. Smooth and delicate in texture, yet rich and scrumptious.

Submitted by Candy Barnhart, Makawao, Hawaii

Honorable Mention 2015 Chestnut Recipe Contest
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Savory Chestnut Alfredo Manicotti
This inventive recipe for Manicotti with Alfredo Sauce replaces the ground meat with chestnuts. The mild flavor and pleasing texture of the cooked chestnuts makes this dish a real winner with everyone, whether they're a vegetarian or meat-lover.

Submitted by Candy Barnhart, Makawao, Hawaii

Honorable Mention 2015 Chestnut Recipe Contest
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Chestnut Pate Mediterrania
Chestnuts are the star in this tangy version of a classic Mediterranean-style dip

Submitted by Candy Barnhart, Makawao, Hawaii

Honorable Mention 2015 Chestnut Recipe Contest
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Savory Chestnut Patties
Equally good as a main dish or side, these savory chestnut patties are loaded with both nutty flavor & pleasing texture.

Submitted by Candy Barnhart, Makawao, Hawaii

Honorable Mention 2015 Chestnut Recipe Contest
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Beef Chestnut Wellington
Our Earthy Delights panel of judges raved over this clever recipe which adds the tender texture and mild flavor of chestnuts to a classic presentation.

Submitted by Elaine Conte

First Prize Winner 2015 Chestnut Recipe Contest
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Chestnut Stuffed Mushrooms
Stuffed mushrooms get a major makeover in this imaginative - and delicious - recipe.

Submitted by Elaine Conte

Honorable Mention 2015 Chestnut Recipe Contest
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Deep-fried Chestnuts with Cinnamon Sugar
This recipe is as delicious as it is simple. Try it and see for yourself!

Submitted by Charles Bauman, Highland Park, Michigan

Honorable Mention, 2015 Chestnut Recipe Contest
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Pork & Chestnut Wontons
Chestnuts have been treasured as a delicacy throughout Asia for centuries. Their sweet, gently nutty taste and toothsome texture pair beautifully with the mild flavor of tender pork, as evidenced by the many traditional recipes which use both ingredients.

Wontons are surprisingly easy to make, especially if you use ready-made wonton wrappers, which can be found in most grocery stores these days. Don't worry about making them perfectly on the first try; in cooking, you can almost always eat your mistakes! Rest assured, after two or three, you'll be turning them out like an old pro.

These savory wontons can also be added to chicken stock for a deliciously satisfying dumpling soup, or fried until golden brown for a crisp & crunchy treat. Wontons also freeze exceptionally well, so you can make a big batch and save some for later - if you have any leftovers!
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Cornish Game Hens with Wild Mushrooms, Chestnuts & Bacon
In the autumn, when the weather cools and a sharp nip is in the air, there's nothing more satisfying than deliciously old-fashioned comfort food. This updated classic will fill the whole house with a rich, mouth-watering aroma as it gently warms the kitchen.

Who cares if the leaves are falling? The earthiness of wild mushrooms, the mild sweetness of chestnuts and the savory flavor of braised game hens remind us that fall is the season when the summer's bounty is ready to enjoy with friends and family.
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Wild and "Tame" Rice with Chestnuts
Here's a recipe that is not only great for the holidays, but is just as pleasing and satisfying at any time of the year. It's inspired by a traditional Japanese rice dish, Kuri Gohan (literally, rice with chestnuts), but with the addition of North American wild rice. The nutty flavor and chewy texture of wild rice really adds a new dimension to the dish. While it makes a wonderful side dish with just about any meal, it would also work very well as a stuffing for turkey or a roasting chicken.

If you're entertaining a crowd, just double the recipe up and don't worry about leftovers - this delicious rice dish re-heats exceptionally well.
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