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Just think of it…pawpaws in the dead of winter! When the season for fresh pawpaws has passed, frozen pawpaw puree is the next best thing. This 100% pure, unadulterated pawpaw pulp is free of skins and seeds, and is ready to thaw and use. Shave the frozen pulp into smoothies or use it to make delectable homemade ice cream. It’s versatile enough to be cooked or baked into your favorite desserts or entrees.


Please note:

This unique qualities of this unusual product make it extremely fragile. Frozen pawpaw pulp will have a bright yellow color when still frozen. As it thaws, it quickly begins to oxidize and gradually turn darker in color. To minimize oxidation, we recommend that you work with the pulp quickly. Do not let it thaw out and sit in the fridge. For best results, use it while still frozen by grating or blending with the other ingredients.


Ingredients: Pure pawpaw pulp


Product of USA


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Pawpaw Chiffon Pie
This old-fashioned dessert is so delicate, you could probably cut it with a feather! But use a fork - you won't want to miss one delicious crumb.

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Pawpaw Cookies with Fennel Pollen
Well-ripened pawpaws have a rich, tropical fruity flavor that is reminiscent of anise. A special blend of fennel pollen and sweet spices enhances the pawpaw flavor to make this a truly unusual - and delicious - spice cookie.

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Pawpaw-Champagne Sabayon
Light and airy, this rich mousse-like dessert is brimming with the deliciously tropical flavor of fresh pawpaws.

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Pawpaw Crème Brûlée
Many experienced cooks seem to be intimidated by the thought of making crème brûlée. That’s a real pity, because a great crème brûlée is not really that hard to make. It’s not that often that we get to have this much fun in the kitchen. I mean, you get to cook with a blow torch. Who can’t like that?
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Pawpaw Mousse
Fresh pawpaws are only in season for a short time, roughly late August to mid September. Since many components of pawpaw flavor are highly volatile, the best pawpaw recipes involve little or no cooking. With pawpaw season in full swing, we finally had the perfect opportunity to make something we’ve been thinking about for a while – pawpaw mousse! The creamy texture and tropical fruit flavors of ripe pawpaws are just right in a light & airy mousse. If you’ve never made mousse before, it may seem like intimidating process, but nothing could be easier. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be making mousse like a pro in no time.
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