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Whole frozen porcini mushrooms are the next best thing to fresh!  These frozen porcini are already cleaned and ready for use in your favorite mushroom dishes! Each mushroom is individually quick frozen (IQF) porcini for convenience and ease of use - just remove however many you need from the bag and defrost.  Frozen porcini are outstanding in quality, consistent in size & free from pests.
Fresh porcini mushrooms are among the most prized of all wild mushrooms, but unfortunately, their season is short and quality is not always dependable. These plump, delicious frozen porcini are at your fingertips in any season of the year, ready to add their unique flavor and elegance to any meal at a moment's notice.
Frozen porcini medium - average size 3 to 4 inches 
Product of China


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Fava and Wild Mushroom Crostini
Fava beans and wild mushrooms are the perfect combination of field and forest, both delicately sweet and robustly earthy at the same time. This is some of the best that the spring season has to offer, flavors so good and so satisfying that it’s worth a little extra effort.

These elegant crostini are perfect for a casual dinner party. They’re actually very easy to prepare and to make things even simpler, we’ve broken the recipe down into three parts: the favas, the mushrooms and the bread. Each component can be easily prepared in advance and quickly assembled just before serving.
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Wild Mushroom Polenta
Polenta and mushrooms naturally make a great pairing. Both are earthy and savory, but their very different textures and flavors make an interesting and appealing contrast. Why use both dried and fresh mushrooms at a time of year when fresh mushrooms are so plentifully available? It’s simple: dried mushrooms pack an intensity of flavor that fresh mushrooms don’t have. Adding both the reconstituted mushrooms and their flavorful soaking liquid gives the polenta an extra burst of savory mushroom flavor that enhances and intensifies the milder flavor of the fresh mushroom topping.
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Chicken Cacciatore with Porcini Mushrooms
There are plenty of regional (and individual) variations, which may include olives, capers, anchovies and other ingredients. Our version features an Italian favorite, flavorful porcini mushrooms (Boletus edulis). Many versions of this recipe also call for a whole cut up chicken, but we opted for the equivalent amount of skin-on, bone-in chicken thighs. While chicken breast meat may overcook and become tough and dry, the luscious skin and rich, dark meat of thighs are perfect for this style of preparation. Whatever your preference, don’t pass up the chance to try this classic dish. It’s rustic Italian comfort food at its very finest.
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Wild Mushroom & Chicken Pot Pie
Pot pies are one of those secret guilty pleasures that we’ve all indulged in. I’m referring, of course, to those frozen blocks in the little foil pans from the supermarket freezer case. You don’t have to feel guilty about this pot pie though. Made entirely from scratch, it’s chock full of good, wholesome ingredients, most of which you probably already have in your fridge. It’s likely that the only ingredient you’ll need to buy specially for this recipe are the fresh mushrooms, unless you’re lucky enough to find some wild mushrooms yourself.
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Wheatberry Pilaf with Porcini Mushrooms
This is a hearty dish which goes exceptionally well with poultry, pork, or with beef. The neutral flavor of the grain is made interesting and complex by adding mushrooms and herbs. This is an excellent main dish for vegetarians, and makes a wonderful meal after spending a cold day outside.

As a whole grain food, wheatberries are high in fiber and very healthful.
As a side dish, this will serve about six.
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Two Rices with Mushrooms, Chestnuts & Cherries
A delicious, elegant, woodsy-flavored side dish for poultry or wild game. It can be cooked mostly in advance and ready-to-eat chestnuts may be successfully substituted, leaving you with more precious time to enjoy your guests.

This dish may also be served as a vegetarian entree.
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