Grilled T-Bone Steaks, Italian-Style

Grilled T-Bone Steaks, Italian-Style
In Italy, a great grilled steak is epitomized by bistecca alla fiorentina. Try our take on the classic recipe for an easy barbecue, featuring succulent steaks served with lemon, Italian-style.

Just pick your favorite bone-in steaks (we prefer T-bone), rub with garlic and slather with olive oil, crema di balsamico, salt, and pepper. Grill the steaks and serve them with cut lemon halves to squeeze liberally over each portion.

The result: a great juicy steak, full of mouthwatering flavor.

4 T-bone steaks, each about 1 pound
2 garlic cloves, cut in halves
¼ cup extra virgin olive oil
¼ cup crema di balsamico
Sea salt & freshly ground pepper
2 lemons, cut in halves



Light the grill.

Trim excess fat from the steaks. Rub both sides of each steak with garlic, first rubbing the cut side of a garlic clove against the bone to roughly grate it, then spreading it over the meat.


Pour the crema di balsamico over both sides of the steaks, making sure it is spread evenly. Drizzle the olive oil over the top, turning to coat both sides. Set the steaks aside at room temperature while the grill heats up.

Season the steaks generously on both sides with coarse sea salt and black pepper to taste. Grill the steaks, turning them once, about 10 minutes for medium, or until done to your preference.
Serve the steaks immediately with a lemon half on each plate.



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