Kennebec Potatoes
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The Kennebec is a big, hefty potato with a rich, earthy and nutty flavor. The flesh of the Kennebec potato is firm and moist, yet starchy, making it a versatile potato in the kitchen. Its thin. slightly rough skin is creamy white and tan and its flesh is soft ivory in color.


While Kennebec potatoes are most widely utilized for frying (they make wonderful chips & french fries!), they are an outstanding all-purpose potato. They can be baked, mashed, scalloped and made into hash browns. Their firm texture when cooked makes them ideal for use in potato salads, stews and soups. Their pleasant, but mild flavor makes them a perfect companion to other hearty ingredients.



Kennebec potatoes are available year round, with a peak season from summer into winter.


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Stinging Nettle & Potato Soup
Stinging nettles sound intimidating, but there's no need to fear eating them. It's easy to take the sting out of the nettles - just cook them! Nettles have a long, delicious history as an edible wild green and are one of the first wild plants to appear each spring. Treat yourself to some delicious & nutritious wild nettles by making this vividly green spring soup!

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French Fries, Done Right
While Kennebecs are outstanding all-purpose potatoes, they are absolutely perfect for French fries and potato chips. With flesh that is firm and low in moisture, French fries made with Kennebec potatoes won’t become limp and soggy. Just the right amount of starchiness makes them brown up beautifully with an exceptional flavor that is both warm and nutty. The second requirement for the best French fries is the 2-step cooking method described in the recipe that follows. You may be tempted to try a shortcut and do it in one step, but they just won’t be as good. PS – One more thing – if you want to make the absolutely best, most over-the-top French fries ever, try cooking them in pure rendered duck fat (as we did). Your life will never be the same.
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Roasted Chestnut Soup with Dumplings
Chestnut soup is a wonderful gourmet experience, hot and rich, and full of the nutty flavor of American chestnuts. This is another example of "fusion" cooking - here we've combined an Asian favorite, Won Tons, with a traditional U.S. soup, right out of colonial America.
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Wild Ramp Soup
This soup is ideal for those rainy spring days when just going out to get the mail can make you shiver. When we first ran this recipe in our newsletter, not only did it receive favorable reviews from professional chefs, but it was also published in the Detroit News.

It makes an excellent lunch, especially when served with open face veggie sandwiches and a good red wine. Some folks like to add a dollop of sour cream on the top of each serving of soup. If you decide to try this, please make sure the sour cream is at room temperature.
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Potato and Wild Mushroom Napoleons
A visual and tasteful, delight! The secret is freshness. Fresh mushrooms, fresh ramps, fresh cream, fresh seasonings and fresh arugula. This is a medley of flavors that is really beyond compare. The recipe is adapted from one by Emeril Lagasse.
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