Leonardi Saba (Mosto cotto) - 250 ml
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Saba, also known as "mosto cotto," is a thick syrup made from grape must (juice), which is traditionally simmered slowly in copper kettles, a process which allows the development of a rich, complex flavor which can be used in a wide variety of ways. This is the same must used for balsamic vinegar, except cooked down even more, to about one-third its original volume. The resulting liquid is then aged for two years in chestnut and oak barrels. The result is a pure, sweet, syrupy expression of the Trebbiano or Lambrusco grape. With a wonderful fruity character, Saba has notes of ripe grapes, sweet plums, and raisins.


The pleasantly acidic flavor of Saba makes a wonderful contrast with sweets. Saba is frequently drizzled over desserts, including fresh fruit, ripe cheeses and ice cream. Saba is also used in many baked goods, and used as an ingredient in sauces and dressings that complement savory foods.


The sugar & acid in saba act as natural preservatives and unopened bottles may be stored for many years. Once opened, saba should be refrigerated and used within a year.



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