Lindera Farms Ramp Vinegar - 200 ml
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This bold vinegar is infused with ramps, the intensely flavored wild-growing member of the onion family.  Lindera Farms creates this spectacular vinegar from flavorful ramps foraged in the woods of the Shenandoah valley. The vinegar they make is extremely dynamic with notes of garlic, shallots and jalapeno pepper. It belongs with anything savory; poultry, fish, vegetables- anything you can possibly imagine!


About Lindera Farms Vinegars


Lindera Farms takes locally and sustainably sourced agricultural products of pristine quality, and ferments them into wines which are then aged into vinegar. This makes for a robust, versatile vinegar with chefs, bartenders, home cooks, and health conscious individuals in mind.


Lindera Farms was chosen as one of the 2016 Good Food Awards Finalists for leading the way towards a tasty, authentic and responsible food system.

"Lindera Farms Vinegars are among the most complex and interesting vinegars I’ve tried, vinegars that add panache to just about everything you use them in. They’re great in salad dressings, but where they really shine is splashed onto vegetables, into soups – or even on desserts, where their intensity acts as fine counterfoil to the sweetness of say, a caramel sauce."  - Ruth Reichl


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200 ml





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