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Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans - 1 lb

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This is the bean you know and love for its rich, smooth, creamy caramel flavor!


Plump, moist Madagascar Vanilla Beans are a true utility player, particularly handy in recipes where vanilla plays a supporting role, rather than the star.


Vanilla Beans, (Vanilla Planifolia) are the seed of the climbing orchid, originally from southern Mexico. When the Spanish arrived in Mexico, the Aztecs were already using vanilla as a flavoring agent for drinks. Planifolia vanilla beans are well-known for their rich sweet flavor. Grown in Madagascar, Comoro & Reunion Islands, these fine vanilla beans are the most popular vanilla bean found in the market.


Vanilla is a great flavoring for chocolate, coffee, ice cream, cakes, cookies, fruit desserts and most sweet dishes. Surprisingly, a small amount of Vanilla is good with certain rich dishes such as lobster or veal. The beans are added to the food and then removed prior to serving.


Basic Preparation for use:

Cut bean lengthwise, scrape out the dark, pulpy inside and add to recipe. Store the remainder of the bean pod in a glass jar with sugar. This will store the beans and supply vanilla flavored sugar. Use the sugar in any recipe, or as a sweetener for hot beverages.


Storage of Vanilla Beans:
Vanilla beans will dry out and become brittle if left out in the air, so wrap them in foil, seal them tightly in a zip lock bag, and store them in a cool, dark area. They'll last this way for at least several months. Do not refrigerate vanilla beans. Refrigeration has been known to promote spoilage & molding.


One pound equals 90 - 110 vanilla beans


Ingredients: Pure Madagascar vanilla beans.



Homemade Vanilla Extract
You may not have ever thought about making your own vanilla extract, but it's incredibly easy to do.

Why would you want to make your own vanilla extract? Well, it's less expensive for one thing. For another, you'll know that it's 100% real vanilla extract - no artificial ingredients or flavorings. You'll also be able to make your own custom blend by varying or combining different types of vanilla beans or alcohol.

The only required ingredients in homemade vanilla are alcohol (the drinking kind, not the rubbing kind) and vanilla beans.
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