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Maldon Sea Salt is world renowned for its quality, texture and unsurpassed flavor. 100% natural Maldon Sea Salt is characterized by the soft, flaky pyramid-shaped crystals that give it a distinctively pronounced clean, salty taste.

Maldon Sea Salt is ideal for cooking or table use - its clean, fresh taste enhances the natural flavor of food. In fact, its pronounced salt taste means that less is required, an advantage for those who wish to reduce their salt intake.

The Maldon Crystal Salt Company, based in Maldon, Essex, England is a family business, run by generations of salt makers since 1882.

Ingredients: Pure Crystal Sea Salt with no additives


Product of Great Britain


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Black Beluga Lentil Salad with Goat Cheese
Black beluga lentils are aptly named. Not only do the tiny jet-black lentils resemble beluga caviar in appearance, they also possess a warm, nutty flavor that is not unlike that of their namesake.

Black beluga lentils, like French Green Lentils (lentilles du Puys), differ from other "garden variety" lentils in several ways. Black Beluga lentils retain their lens-like shape and firm pleasant texture when cooked, making them a good choice for salads. They're much smaller, too - only about 1/8th-inch or so in diameter. Black beluga lentils cook very quickly, requiring only about 15 - 20 minutes to cook to a pleasant 'al dente' consistency.

The natural deep ebony color of Black beluga lentils fades to an attractive rich nut-brown hue during the cooking process. Their mild, but distinctive "legume" flavor melds beautifully with vinaigrettes and marinades, and accommodates itself well to soups and stews too.
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