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Manhattan Key Lime Juice 8 oz (Pack of 3)
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"Manhattan" brand Key Lime Juice is 100% pure Key Lime Juice with real citrus flavor. Without equal for a superior, authentic Key Lime Pie (a classic version of the recipe is included on the label).

Also perfect in any Mexican or Caribbean recipe calling for lemon or lime juice.

Three 8 oz bottles


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Seviche de Veracruz
Seviche is extremely popular throughout Mexico, the Caribbean, and other parts of Latin America, and while it has many variations, it's basically a simple fusion of seafood and citrus juice, with a few other ingredients and spices. Seviche is frequently served as an appetizer or even as a light meal. There's really no mystery to its preparation - when the acid of the citrus comes in contact with the fish, chemical reaction occurs, similar to what happens when the fish is cooked, and the flesh becomes opaque and firm.

Seviche can include a mixture of saltwater fish, scallops or other shellfish, squid or octopus. Onion, chiles, tomato, pepper and cilantro - and of course, garlic.
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Michigan Mojito
The Mojito, a cocktail with roots in pre-Castro Cuba, has recently become popular again. The classic version, made with white rum, is definitely a cool and refreshing summer drink. We wanted to experiment with a version suited to our chillier northern climate here in Michigan. After much experimentation, here's what we came up with. Boy, was that fun!

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Key Lime Hollandaise Sauce
Ah, Hollandaise sauce! Well known for it's pivotal role in the classic brunch dish, Eggs Benedict, Hollandaise sauce is about as rich and luxurious as a sauce gets. It's also incredibly easy to make.

One of the so-called mother sauces of classic cuisine (because so many other sauces are derived from it), Hollandaise literally means "Holland-style." However, most food historians agree that the sauce actually originated in Normandy, France, a region well-known for its butter and use of butter in cooking.

Our version, made with tart, citrusy Key lime juice, is so light and delicate that you'll almost forget about the calories! It pairs perfectly with just about everything, including veggies, eggs, meat and fish.

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Key Lime Mojito
The famous Mojito first became popular in this country in the 80's, but has seen a recent resurgence in popularity. Tangy citrus, aromatic mint and potent rum have made it a favorite summer drink. Real key lime juice gives it the authentic flavor of the sun-drenched beaches of the Caribbean.

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