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Mindo 67% Chocolate Chunks - 1 lb
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Pure 67% Mindo Chocolate Chunks, perfect for baking or snacking. Use in any recipe that calls for semi-sweet chocolate or semi-sweet chocolate chips.


Ingredients : organic cocoa beans, organic evaporated cane juice


Made in Michigan by Mindo Chocolates


Net weight 1 lb










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Oaxaca Chocolate Torta
Black Garlic Recipe Contest Grand Prize Winner
Congratulations to Diane Nemitz of Ludington, Michigan for her winning recipe entry "Oaxaca Chocolate Torta"!

Diane's recipe was selected for its originality and highly imaginative use of ingredients, including the featured ingredient, Black Garlic. Her clearly written preparation instructions were also a big plus! While Black Garlic might not be something you would typically think of using in a dessert, we found that its mellow sweetness and mild tang added the perfect touch to this deep, dark chocolate torta. Try it yourself and see what you think!

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Chocolate Ganache
Chocolate ganache can transform practically any dessert into an elegant work of art. Made with nothing more than bittersweet chocolate and heavy cream, this versatile chocolate sauce is incredibly easy to make.

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World's Best Chocolate Mousse
What is more elegant than Chocolate Mousse? Cool, creamy and chocolatey, it's just about everybody's favorite. Don't be intimidated - making the perfect mousse is not that difficult. The key is in whipping the cream and egg whites to just the right consistency and gently folding it all together.
Just try it - you'll be amazed at how easy it is!

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Smoky Butternut Squash and Cacao Soup
The soup is set apart by its use of a true Latin American ingredient, chocolate – or more properly, cacao. While we Norteamericanos typically think of chocolate as an ingredient reserved for desserts, candies or sweet beverages, its raw ingredient, cacao, is an important element in many Latin American dishes, both sweet and savory. This rich, spicy soup blends the flavors of butternut squash, smoky chipotle chiles and chocolate, utilizing both unsweetened cacao nibs, the roasted & crushed fermented cocoa beans used in the production of chocolate, and deep, dark bittersweet 65% chocolate. Adapted from Gran Cocina Latina by Maricel Presilla
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